Medical Marijuana Classes Teach How to Smoke the Right Way

Medical Marijuana Classes Teach How to Smoke the Right Way Clapway

Before you take a toke off that big, fat blunt, take a moment to ponder. Sure, you may be the master stoner to your younger brother but the weed these days isn’t the stuff you grew up with. Today, marijuana is about four times stronger than it was just a few decades ago. With more U.S. states taking a lenient approach to the drug, more beginners will have access to it that ever before. To avoid a potential stoner crisis in America, classes are popping up everywhere to help inform.


There is a current push to legalize marijuana all over the U.S. this year. A wealth of research has come out showing the drug has modest health effects on adults. However, this research is based on weaker strains that have been pushed out of the marketplace by this point. It’s easy to get caught up in the green push right now. That being said, doctors are saying there’s a lot more that we don’t know. This could put millions of new smokers down a dangerous path.


Back in the 1990’s Marijuana had about 4 percent THC. That’s the main thing that gets users high. Growers realized they could make it better than 4 percent. Who could really blame them? Like mad, high, scientists, they began cross-breeding strains in order to boost potency. Well, it worked. Today’s pot has up to 30 percent THC. In layman’s terms, that will get you super high. Ad concentrates such as oils, wax, and tinctures to the equation and those get up to 60 or 80 percent THC. To regular Joe Smoker, that might be great news. However, baby boomers who haven’t smoked in yers and new users are in for a shocking surprise.


Yes, pot is getting stronger. However, don’t stop the push to legalization. America just needs to update their education system a bit. As pot evolves, so should drug education courses in schools. Children need to know the dangers of pot but also the benefits. Reefer madness is not the case anymore. There proven studies out there praising the benefits of weed but we need to tread lightly. Knowledge is the key to wisdom.