Man Filmed a Penis Looking UFO in Florida

Man Filmed a Penis Looking UFO in Florida Clapway

Florida is often called “the penis of America”. Now, it has another association with the male reproductive organ. Footage has just come in of a strange, d**k shaped UFO hovering above Florida. Humans and Florida citizens alike are baffled by the experience as they search for some explanation.


As one can see by the video, a Florida man is in shock at the smoky UFO in the night sky. The smoky, penis shaped object doesn’t move much but it’s safe to assume that it’s not a normal phenomenon. During the two minutes of filming, the object doesn’t move at all. However, it has a smoky haze cast around itself. The smoke resembles that of a d**k which leads to a couple of questions. For one, why does it look like that? Additionally, why Florida?


Seeing as Florida looks like a penis itself, perhaps this UFO was just looking to fix it. It saw the state as a friend of sorts. They both have similar physical characteristics so this alien found comfort in the area. However, it doesn’t know just how many insane people live in the state. Like us all, Florida fooled the alien. From afar, it looks like a warm, dick-shaped paradise but we all know the truth. Hidden in the swampy underbelly of the sunshine state are a bunch of retired, racist and insane people. Upon finding out, the alien quickly took off. There are plenty more where that came from, though.


For some time know, aliens have flocked to Florida, not for its pristine beaches and Cuban sandwiches, but to spy on NASA. NASA calls Cape Canaveral home and that is of great interest to alien forces. The recent uptick in strange sightings around the area is not a coincidence. They are preparing for something big and they are openly spying on us in broad daylight. Of course, NASA knows about this but they will not admit it. All we have now is the Floridian word. It’s better than nothing.