Top 5 Ways To Cheat in Pokemon Go

Top 5 Ways To Cheat in Pokemon Go Clapway

It’s simply human nature to break the rules, especially when it comes to gaming. Pokemon Go players are certainly no exception. And users of the app around the world have come up with ways to cheat. Next time you’re on a Pokemon hunt, try these cheats to get ahead in the game. However, some of these cheats can get you locked out from the app, so use discretion. Most cheaters get tossed in the penalty box for an hour or so, but if you are multiple offenders, you can get permanently banned.

1. Egg Hatching Machines for Pokemon Go is an awesome cheat for lazy players

If you are simply over the time-consuming process of running around hatching eggs, this Pokemon cheat is for you. You can strap your phone to your pet and let them walk it off. And other players are using spinning objects like turntables and bicycle wheels.

2. Steal Gyms and get imaginary stardust when the Pokemon Go gym goes neutral

Stealing gym is another Pokemon cheat worth checking out. If you simply don’t have enough characters at full power to use as defenders, wait for the gym to go neutral. Once the gym goes neutral, tap on it and place one of your players in as a defender. Then you can claim your daily bonus of Poke coins and stardust. This will get you ahead in no time at all.

3. Pick Your Eevee-lution with this easy character cheat and restart

When you involve an Eevee in Pokemon Go, it can appear in three forms. This is random, however, if you want to pick your eevee, name them after the trainers from the cartoon. One quick tip is to restart your app after renaming your eevees to complete the cheat.

4. Take advantage of GPS spoofing next time you are looking to cheat and deceive

By employing GPS spoofing, you can be at a location without actually being there. One GPS spoofing pro even used his drone to fly around his phone and play Pokemon Go via his laptop. Talk about super tech commitment.

5. Fake your location using an Android simulator for your computer

You can also install BlueStacks to create a virtual Android environment on your computer, because it acts like a phone. This way you can install a GPS faking app that allows you to choose your location. Tech savvy Pokemon Go players love this cheat.