Top 5 Websites That Could Beat Expedia

Top 5 Websites That Could Beat Expedia Clapway

Expedia is a pretty awesome way to search for flights, hotels, rental cars, and even activities. Despite its wonderful array of helpful searching for the busy traveler, there may be better. Sites like Skyscanner, Hotwire, and Momondo can all put Expedia to the test. We have all had our share of endless browsing to find the best deal possible. There are just so many frugal flight-booking platforms with usually the same fare across the board. The following list of search engines may not include some of your favorites, and not one platform is the best of all time. However, Skyscanner is pretty great. Using a number of sites will increase your chance of getting the best deal possible, and you will have a little extra cash for your trip.

1. Skyscanner is most certainly a search engine with savvy to beat Expedia

Expedia is great, however, if they don’t step up their game, Skyscanner will surely swipe a few users. This travel search engine site allows you to search by country without entering a specific city. You can also find the cheapest fare for your next vacation over a month, and in some cases a whole year. This site is perfect for the traveler with flexibility and search engine stamina. Its fare finding power even lets you search nearby airports for international flights. This will give you cheaper options other big box travel sites have missed, or ignore.

2. AirFare Watchdog is an Expedia national flight alternative

Airfare routes are higher than ever, especially during summer. However, Airfare Watchdog offers great national deals for $250 or less per round-trip. Their homepage has a list of top daily fares, and most of those fares don’t even break $100. If you are traveling within the country, this search engine should be your first stop. They even have great updates on Twitter, so following them is a great way to stay up to date with what’s new and cheap. They even have promo codes blasted out to their Twitter followers. Following all your favorite travel sites on Twitter, like Expedia, is a fantastic idea. You never know when your itinerary is going to pop up.

3. Momondo is notable when compared to Expedia

Expedia may be a veteran travel search engine, but Momondo is making waves as a fast and reliable site. In fact, CNN said that it was the most reliable and fastest. It is great for international flights that start or end outside the U.S., and they boast excellent coverage. You can get deals and pricing from a wealth of small carriers around the world other travel sites simply miss. Their deals are especially amazing in Europe. If you are backpacking around Europe this summer or fall, this travel site is a perfect way to hop from country to country.

4. JetRadar is an up and coming leader Expedia should watch out for

JetRadar may be small, but it is most certainly a powerful force in the travel search engine industry. Expedia should definitely take notice of this rising star for travel deals. They have become one of the largest online search engines, offering flights around the world. In fact, your search criteria will be compared to more than 1000 airlines. They usually have special offers from carriers, and this travel site has been found to have some of the fastest results on the web. They even have a bus page for those who want some time on the open road.

5. Hotwire and Expedia have always been competitors

Hotwire and Expedia have been in competition since the online travel search engine industry began. This site is the perfect fit for the flexible traveler, and being flexible when booking any trip usually scores the best deal. This site is also known for its last minute deals. They find unsold seats on major carriers and offer them at a great last minute discount. So if you want to be spontaneous, this platform is perfect for you. In fact, they have access to discounts many other travel sites simply don’t.