Alien Saucer Captured on 3 Different Cameras

Alien Saucer Captured on 3 Different Cameras Clapway

An Alien flying saucer was captured by three cameras, and this is a call to action for the truth. UFO experts support efforts for finding the truth, since officials continue to keep alien secrets. The flying saucer captured by people on the streets, and by NASA cameras, is another source of deception by officials. There is little doubt officials around the world are keeping a secret, since many believe they are talking to aliens. Some suggest that officials are allowing abductions too.

What does the public think about the alien saucer sightings? Many believe the truth about aliens is out there

The video of an alien saucer caught on three different cameras is evidence of the lies. YouTube channel Blast A posted the videos, and the white glowing UFO marks the people’s anger. There have been a lot of new videos of UFOs and aliens, because people want more. The National Inquirer found that 76 percent of people felt the government was lying about UFOs. And over half felt aliens did in fact exist.

Former officials say alien life does exist in space; is the recent video of the UFO saucer a sign of the coming invasion?

The number of officials who have been named as alien believers is shocking. How can the government continue to lie with so many former employees spreading the truth? Senator Barry Goldwater, General Arthur Exon, and Admiral Lord Hill-Norton are only a few of the officials supporting claims of saucer ships in space. Senator Goldwater even talked about the UFO cover-up on Larry King Live in 1994. He discussed “Hangar 18,” or the “Blue Room” as well.

Bill Clinton reveals cover-up at Area 51 on Jimmy Kimmel Show; more than 20 planets support life

There are so many alien stories to support claims they are indeed real. Even Bill Clinton talked about his glimpse into Area 51 on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Clinton even had all the Roswell papers reviewed in order to find the truth. Was a flying saucer ever found at Roswell? He was hinting about aliens, and said if UFOs did invade he wouldn’t be surprised. Wink-wink.