5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps To Achieve Sales Target

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Marketing automation helps to streamlines, automates and measures marketing tasks and workflows to increase efficiency and revenue quickly to achieve the target.

Marketing automation helps to automate your marketing processes like customer data integration, customer segmentation and campaign management. The functionality of marketing automation software is enhanced by a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Using this, marketing professionals can improve their leads generation and conversion rate.  It is designed to integrate with CRM to provide capabilities for a marketing department to nurture leads for sales teams. Using marketing automation, it becomes easy to monitor prospects and move leads through the funnel quickly. It helps to convert visitors into customers and turn them into delighted consumers.

Marketing automation is a game changer for small businesses because using this they can execute their campaigns well, increases their sales and can save their big amount of time and efforts. In addition to knowing how you want marketing automation to complement your current processes, examine your needs and recognize where is your market  that meets your business. Specifically, ask what target you want marketing automation to help you with. Think along the following lines:

  • Reviewing your marketing target
  • Reconfirming the segments of your target market
  • Documenting your marketing automation objectives
  • Mapping your buyer’s journeys
  • Aligning your data with your objectives
  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Mapping content to your buyer’s journey
  • Drafting your lead scoring rules
  • Mapping your marketing automation campaign flows

It becomes difficult to keep customer contact and run marketing campaigns with few resources. It makes easy to stay in contact and unhide more opportunities for your sales team.

Here are 5 ways, how you can increase your sales using marketing automation, as below:

1. Helps in Targeting Customers Effectively

Marketing automation enables you to target the right people at the right time and generate new sales leads. It enables you to find new organic customers and drive new business to your website.

You can understand your customer, services and competitors to increase sales target. You can determine key messages, features, and benefits of your market and target your audience to increase them into customers. It helps new growing businesses to target new customers and increase sales effectively after determining of their choices. It provides a way, in which you can target your customers to increase your sales, are as below:

  • Understand audience
  • Know your current customers
  • Create the market for your product
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Sell more to existing customers

2. Analyzing of Data To Increase Sale

The sales department is responsible for analyzing data that includes the process of exploring data and reports in meaningful insights. And these data are used to understand and improve the performance of business.

Marketing automation provides a facility for measuring the impact of sales training program, identifying sales performance and improve forecast accuracy. It becomes simple to make a decision about quality and quantity of collected data and provides an understanding how to set sales budgets in the future. It also helps in identifying where your strength lies within your product or service range and will be able to compare sales performance with your market. It provides a power of analyzing in different fields:

  • About price changing.
  • When competitors entering or exiting the market.
  • How customer moves between products and services.
  • How change customer’s demand.
  • Know how is growing your launched product and services.

3. Nurture Leads And Enhance Marketing ROI

Marketing automation connects multiple channels like email marketing, content marketing, and social media. The main target of marketing automation is to nurture prospects for a long-term target. Many marketing campaigns fail to target the right customers and waste a lot of money. Using marketing automation, marketing teams will be able to plan a marketing strategy, create more leads and can strengthen marketing ROI. Sales and marketing department can work together to create more solutions that turn leads into sales and can get sales target.

Marketing automation is a cloud-based platform and all the employees of an organization can access the platform and share the data across the department. This creates a relationship between sales and marketing department and enhances collaboration between them.

There are many ways to create more leads using marketing automation software:

  • It aligns marketing and sales department.
  • It gives more control over the audience.
  • It allows creating effective email marketing strategies.
  • It improves more social conversions.
  • It gives better insights on customers.

4. Personalizes Communication Individually

Marketing automation gives the ability to make the communication stronger like you can easily send targeted and personalized messages. That is why; you can focus more on the quality of campaigns and messaging. Sales team become able to add more touches to campaigns by collecting data on a particular target and can apply communication on that addresses individually without more efforts.

Marketing automation which is powered by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) enables you to reach out to each and every customer successfully and treats them personally. Small businesses and growing businesses become able to treat their customer personally.

Many ways are used to personalize communications through marketing automation which are as below:

  • Personalize communication through data which are collected by marketing campaigns.
  • Integrated systems like a database, Email platform, websites, and online community give the ability to observe audience behavior and serve relevant communication.
  • Empowers marketers to communicate in a way that makes their audience feel known.

5. Saves Time And Efforts

Marketing automation helps you to save time and speed up the process of developing, launching and tracking various campaigns in short time period.

The main target is to expand marketing tactics in a more timely and cost-efficient manner. It is a better way to utilize internal team. It works with CRM and automatically cleans up duplicate records in the database that means database will stay clean and up to date. And you will be able to plan future marketing initiatives and can achieve your target. This saves time and efforts:

  • Expand marketing tactics in more timely and cost efficient manner.
  • Reduce the need for outsourcing.
  • It provides a clean and effective database.
  • Monitor performance of campaigns.
  • Saves time, efforts and money.

6. Align Sales And Marketing Department

Marketing automation increases sales conversion with the marketing department. It has the ability to track lead’s activity on your website and it becomes easy to know when leads are looking your pricing page and when they are just browsing. This provides sales team important information to target that leads. Sales team may contact them through calls and emails to convert them into a customer. Sales team send information to marketing department about leads activity and marketing department can use this information to convert that leads into customer and can choose their right customer. This co-ordination makes a bridge between sales and marketing department and increases efficiency of business and increase revenue. There are many ways that make a bridge between sales and marketing department:

  • It helps the sales team in tracking and managing their leads.
  • It sends the right message at the right time according to user’s behavior.
  • It makes sales team more productive automatically without wasting time.
  • Marketing can gain insights into what messaging is resonating leads and can prepare better campaigns.

Businesses are rushing towards an automated system to minimize costs and reduce human errors. In addition to creating a finely tuned marketing campaign, it generates better UX and helps in retaining customers, without efforts.

Michael Zhou is Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development, he has assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. He is a thinker, communicator, marketer, competitor, people person, and all-around busy bee. He is a relentless networker with several years of real world experience and two college degrees under my belt.