Top 10 Fitness Websites That Could destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR

Top 10 Fitness Websites That Could destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR Clapway

Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR are in an online nosedive that could lead to disaster. The two health and lifestyle websites have been around for some time. However, it may be time for a new champion to start flexing their muscles and take the top spot. Both men and women are browsing for new health and lifestyle inspired websites to look and feel their best every day.

1. Men’s Health is top threat to Men’s Fitness

One of the most popular health and lifestyle websites for men is Men’s Health. It gets an amazing 38 million page views per month and covers a wide range of topics. Men can find workout help, and it often has little “how to” sections for health, travel, fashion, and even sex. This website is so popular, it’s hard not to see its articles listed at the top of any Google search. Men’s Fitness should be worried, and so should POPSUGAR.

2. Fit Bottomed Girls is a POPSUGAR with lots of booty

The founders of Fit Bottomed Girls, Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead first thought of this website as a simple blog. However, like POPSUGAR and Men’s Fitness, it has become a health and wellness industry leader. It even has a sister site called Fit Bottomed Mamas. They offer browsers weekly newsletters, online classes, and videos while emphasizing the different shapes and sizes of those booties.

Top 10 Fitness Websites That Could destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR Clapway3. Gymaholic is small, but fit enough to take out Men’s Fitness

Gymaholic is a website with workouts and nutrition at the forefront. Like Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR, this site is perfect for the male gym goer who wants to step up their game. Their nutrition and supplement articles are among the best online, giving gym rats a great platform to get the info they need.

4. Bodyrock.TV is a POPSUGAR on the juice

Bodyrock.TV is a very informative site for women. And men may find it a visually aesthetic motivator as well, so look out Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR. This workout inspired website has a ton of exercise videos for anyone to do at home. It is mainly 12-minute workouts with a focus on HIIT circuits and other powerful training tips. Their video production quality also sets them apart from the YouTube training videos.

5. Bodybuilding online maxes out every time over Men’s Fitness

If you Google anything about exercise, health, and nutrition, chances are Bodybuilding will be within the top five results. Because they give results, and this makes them a dominant force that could destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR. And you may think this site is all about weightlifting by the name, but you would be wrong. They offer helpful workout and nutrition tips for everyone, regardless of time spent sculpting muscles.

6. NY Times Well Blog beats Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR

For an all-around bad a** health and wellness website with the expert advice you seek, the NY Times Well Blog is it. It is perfect for both men and women, making it a double threat to Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR. The blog covers healthy living, disease, and exercise, among other great pieces. It also features articles and advice from the world-renowned medical experts.

7. Muscle and Fitness pulls and pushes men from Men’s Fitness

Muscle and Fitness is similar to Men’s Fitness, and even POPSUGAR, but their online content is slightly more awesome. This site is completely designed to help men get in the shape they want. This website offers workout tips, nutrition pointers, and also cover supplement use in detail.

Top 10 Fitness Websites That Could destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR Clapway8. Blisstree is way more entertaining than POPSUGAR

If you want more entertainment with your workout and nutrition advice, Blisstree is perfect. Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR should be worried about this growing site. Blisstree is known for its snarky nature, but also serves up the information women want online. They also keep their ears to the health and wellness ground with the most up-to-date tips and news out there. Beauty, food, fashion, news, and health are all topics on this fun site.

9. gets more personal than Men’s Fitness takes health and wellness to a more personal level, something Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR struggle with at times. Jay, the blog’s author, takes his audience on an enthusiastic journey to help people get the tips and informative advice they need. It is perfect for the skinny dude looking to pack on some extra pounds of muscle.

10. Girls Gone Strong takes out POPSUGAR

Girls Gone Strong embraces a woman’s inner strength and this may destroy Men’s Fitness and POPSUGAR. This website offers women mind, body, and character development. They take feminine power to a new level and this is the driving force behind their mission to empower women and become an online authority.