NASA Detected Aliens Hiding Behind Neptune

NASA Detected Aliens Hiding Behind Neptune Clapway

The mysterious object behind Neptune may be hiding aliens. No one is really sure what this object is, however, NASA wants to find out more. Michele Bannister, an astronomer at Queen’s University in Belfast tweeted about the object on Monday. One thing researchers do know is that the object is moving in odd ways. This would suggest it is, in fact, an object, planet, or maybe even a spaceship with aliens. Will NASA send a probe to search for alien life?

The object hiding behind Neptune may be a planet or spaceship with aliens waiting to attack NASA probe

Some scientists believe that the mysterious object behind Neptune is, in fact, a planet. NASA has not confirmed, but aliens may be living on the icy world. The “planet” is thought to be less than 200km in diameter. And it swings behind the sun in a strange backwards motion. Its movements suggest it was knocked off its axis somehow. YouTube channel MLordandGod posted details about the new space object nicknamed “Niku” the Chinese equivalent of “rebel”. And rebellious it is because it is defying normal orbit patterns of any other planet.

New Neptune object suggests NASA knows very little about space; will aliens show humans the truth?

Nearly every YouTube channel covering aliens, and alien activity has reported on the strange object, or planet, hiding behind Neptune. Secureteam10 posted a detailed review of the new discovery and suggests that NASA doesn’t know everything about space. Matthew Holman at the Harvard Smithsonian Center says there is a lot more going on than we are aware of. Does this object hold the key to the universe, or possibly alien life? Believers want the truth, because the government is hiding as well. However, alien leaders may be the ones to give it to them.

New planets discovered beyond Neptune are nothing new to NASA, or aliens

It seems like NASA and other scientists keep coming up with new and exciting discoveries beyond Neptune. In 1985, researchers suggested that a mysterious object hiding behind the planet was responsible for Earth’s mass extinction event millions of years ago. You know, the one that killed the dinosaurs. However, no proof had ever been produced. The next was the Planet 9 theory. Has Planet 9 finally been discovered? If you need more space infused fiction in your life, check out The Secrets of Neptune by Thomas K. Adamson, available for $6.56 for Kindle.