NASA Painted Rockets to Attract Aliens

NASA Painted Rockets to Attract Aliens Clapway

NASA is taking a bold new colorful approach to catch the attention of aliens. The unconventional methods of painting rockets bright neon colors may seem like a cartoon. However, NASA has decided to go forward with their pressure sensitive (PSP) rocket program. The neon rockets look like a giant rave stick ready to shoot ecstasy into the mouths of aliens. With a budget of $18.5 billion, you would hope for something a little more innovative than Nyan Cat colored rockets.

NASA has a rave planned and aliens are invited; your taxes are funding neon colored rockets and Hawaiian shirts

The photo of a NASA researcher wearing a Hawaiian shirt rubbing a neon space rocket is indeed provocative. However, your taxes are paying for the space agencies new rave party. The neon rocket does have a purpose, other than scaring the s**t out of aliens. The PSP paint job is a new way for researchers to test an aircraft models response to pressure. They are testing the rave rockets in wind tunnels, but there is still no excuse for the Hawaiian shirts.

How does the new NASA rave rockets work? Will aliens find humans even dumber than before?

Once sexy scientists rub down these rave rockets, they are lit up with blue LED lights to showcase their neon glow. Then the wind tunnel pressure test takes place. This creates various surface pressures over different regions of the rocket. Any dull areas showing after the wind test indicates the areas on the rocket with issues. Despite the obvious issue of it being a bright pink rocket.

NASA has high hopes for their new pressure test, but can aliens even see color?

An interesting post on Above Top Secret came up with an important question that NASA may have missed. Can aliens even see color? Some would imagine a Predator type vision, but who knows. UFO paint jobs would suggest that they only see black and metallic, since that is the common color of most alien ships. Others contend that alien eyes do have the ability to see color, because the lights on UFOs are usually different colors. Predator vision was a favorite.