This Smartwatch will Destroy Apple Watch

Clapway This Smartwatch will Destroy Apple Watch

If you are searching for the next innovative Smartwatch to boost your tech and accentuate your style, the KW18 is it. This Smartwatch is taking a bite out of Apple, and making tech and fashion fans happy. The KW18 by KingWear boasts multiple features with iOS and Android compatibility. It is quite possibly the most innovative and stylish tech you can have on your wrist. Music, Bluetooth, and a heart rate monitor are among the many bold features that will destroy the Apple Watch.

The Smartwatch with a timeless and seamless design even Apple fans crave

The elegant AMOLED round screen of this Smartwatch is truly the envy of Apple fans. That’s right, it is designed with an AMOLED round screen, so sorry iPhone fans. The sapphire crystal glass mirror surface of the screen was also inspired by classic Swiss design. The anodized aluminum watch case offers a seamless smooth feel on and off your wrist as well. You can accentuate your personal style with three colors, including silver, gold, and black.

Compatible with your Apple iOS or Android, it is truly a Smartwatch with intelligence

This innovative Smartwatch offers a good user experience, since it is Apple iOS and Android compatible. It syncs your information and delivers it to your wrist in real-time. You can now keep your phone in your pocket and never miss a call, message, or appointment reminder again. It boasts a two in one card slot for a TF card and SIM card, since communicating anywhere and anytime is essential. You can even connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 for anti-loss protection.

You can focus on your health and lifestyle with this Smartwatch with more features than the Apple Watch

Offering more features for your health and lifestyle, this Smartwatch is a virtual life coach. It has a built-in heart rate monitor for accurate heart health checkups whenever you want them. Equipped with a pedometer, you can keep your calorie count and fancy footwork in check, whether you’re walking or running. One great health feature this Smartwatch offers is its sleep analysis monitor. Sleep is important, and it’s a vital part of staying healthy. The sleep monitor feature will give you the sleep data you deserve with hours of sleep and deep sleep. Offered online at its regular price of $73.52, you can now save by using the Clapway coupon code “KW18” and purchase one for $49.89.

Clapway This Smartwatch will Destroy Apple Watch