YouTube Makes Fun of Super Mario; Nintendo Fans – Happy

YouTube Makes Fun of Super Mario; Nintendo Fans - Happy Clapway

YouTube is amazing, and the newest Super Mario videos are absolutely hilarious. If you are a fan of the iconic game from Nintendo, it’s time you check out the funny parody videos on YouTube. These videos show people, animals, and your favorite Super Mario characters going insane. YouTube channel yutako55 posted an animal favorite that has over half a million views. There are plenty more videos just like it. Making Nintendo fans happy.

Insert Super Mario theme music here, and let Nintendo fans go wild over the newest YouTube videos

The video posted by YouTube channel yutako55 is one of the thousands, but is clearly a Nintendo fan favorite. The video is from Japan of course, and it takes viewers on a thrilling Super Mario journey. Mario the hamster rodent runs the map and even falls down a green tunnel. It is almost like you are watching a screencast of the actual game. Ok, not really, but they did dub in the game’s theme music and sound effects for when the cute fuzzy hamster went headfirst into the tunnel.

YouTube shows racist Super Mario in a Nintendo Mario Cart parody; did they go too far?

With the racially charged tension in America these days, it is hard to find humor in racist comedy. The days of Dave Chappell may be over, but YouTube has a racist Super Mario parody with more than 100 million views. Are Nintendo fans happy about this one? Unlike the cute Japanese hamster video, this video races on racist lines. Posted by Flashgitz in 2015, this video has a viral following. Some viewers commented on the video saying it was hilarious, and some commented it was disturbing. Did this parody go too far?

Super Mario porn is also on YouTube, and this video is definitely pleasing Nintendo fans

The Mario and Luigi videos posted on YouTube are endless. One video posted by drcoolsex is a porn parody of the game Nintendo fans are getting erect with mushrooms over. The video starts out like any good porno, with a young busty girl answering the door to find a plumber coming to fix her pipes. The plumber, of course, is Mario. However, this XXX parody has a twist. If you want more Super Mario, you can get New Super Mario Bros for Wii on Amazon for $28.