This Camera Will Save Your Dignity

Thinkware This Camera Will Save Your Dignity Clapway

The THINKWARE F750 Dashcam is the only dashboard camera you and your vehicle will ever need. Have you ever been in an accident and wished you had video evidence of the incident? Have you ever driven past someone or something you wish you could have recorded? The F750 Dashcam can facilitate both these needs. This is even more important now that laws insist drivers remain hands-free. THINKWARE’s parent company in South Korea is the largest supplier of GPS systems in that country. So needless to say, they have the experience and innovative team to produce a fantastic product. Let’s zoom in on some of the F750 Dashcam’s most buyer worthy features.

THINKWARE Dashcam delivers perfect 1080P HD video performance; compatible with Android and iOS devices

The THINKWARE F750 Dashcam is equipped with GPS and offers users Ultimate compatibility with Wi-Fi connection to Android and iOS smart devices. This makes it a versatile camera you can combine with your existing tech. This dashcam is also equipped with an Ambarella A7 chip and a 1/2.9″ Sony CMOS sensor for perfect video quality. It also records in full HD at 30 frames per second with a 1080P HD rear camera feature as well.

The THINKWARE is a smart dashcam that encourages safe driving, and protects your vehicle even when it’s parked

The THINKWARE offers excellent video quality and durability, but also boasts smart tech features. This dashcam is equipped with GPS that assists you in being the safest driver you can be. It will alert you of red lights, traffic cameras, and also will help remind you to regulate your speed, among other advanced safe driver tech. The F750 Dashcam is also equipped with smart tech that acts as a CCTV, recording 10 seconds before and after a motion is detected near your vehicle.

Rotating 140-degree lens with extra memory; the THINKWARE Dashcam is always ready to record whenever you need it the most

The THINKWARE Dashcam features a 140-degree wide-angle lens with a 2-CH parking feature. It also offers users a 64GB memory backup and a capacitor power supply that makes the F750 ready at any moment. The F750 Dashcam has been featured on YouTube channel BlackboxMyCar, and Dave Taylor, a tech review specialist even took this innovative dashcam out for a spin. You can purchase this dashcam on Amazon for $236.26, currently marked down 22% from its original price of $299.99.