YouTube is Making fun of Staples

YouTube is Making fun of Staples Clapway

Do you have a lot of pencils to sharpen? If your wrist is aching after the tenth or eleventh pencil, you may find a DIY pencil sharpener video quite handy. YouTube channel DaveHax posted a fun and informative pencil sharpening video that makes fun of Staples. Maybe not directly, but this YouTube DIY pencil pushing post showcases a product Staples could easily market. However, it could get dangerous depending on speed.

Power Tools, Pencils, and Razorblades; YouTube Hits Staples Below the Belt

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And it is home to plenty of excellent DIY videos. Some are downright bizarre, yet some have a use. For example, if you have a lot of pencils ready for sharpening, a drill, and a pencil sharpener razor may be all you need. Staples sells pencils and pencil sharpeners, but who has time to sit around and crank away on both. Talk about carpal tunnel. Hit Home Depot after Staples and pick up a drill for this DIY project.

Staples may move into marketing power tools after they are shamed on YouTube

Opened in 1985, Staples has become a staple in the office and school supply industry. If you need pencils to sharpen, or potentially make some copies, you may have visited a store. They even have office furniture like super high tech swivel chairs and desks. There are over 2,000 Staples store around the world, but they may need to offer the YouTube power drill sharpener idea to their online consumers. It could be part of their “Deals Center Daily Deals” section. A patent may be pending for this new product.

Trial and Error DIY pencil sharpener drill takes YouTube by storm

The YouTube DIY video will certainly take care of any pencil sharpening needs you may have. You might even find it fun to purchase a bunch of pencils from Staples and give it a whirl at home. The video first attached the pencil to the drill with the host holding the sharpener. However, the host takes it up a notch. Using a tubular pencil sharpener, the kind that collects the shavings, and attaches it to the drill. Then he shaves up those pencils with ease. Pretty innovative.