Samsung Made ‘ISIS bomb’ for Terrorists

Samsung Made ISIS bomb for Terrorists Clapway

Did Samsung unknowingly make a smartphone bomb for ISIS terrorists to use? Explosive Samsung smartphones may be banned from flights. This is largely due to a massive recall of the company’s Galaxy Note 7. And maybe ISIS terrorists will figure this out before all the phones are recovered. Since they have bombing potential. The recall also involves more government agencies and their acronyms imaginable. This will surely hurt the company’s bottom line, and could boost next-generation iPhone sales as well.

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be an ISIS terrorist bomb; millions of smart devices recalled

After 35 Galaxy Note 7 smart devices burst into flames, Samsung had no choice but to recall roughly 2.5 million smartphones. This alone is bad news for the South Korean company. However, the ISIS terrorist nightmare gets worse. The FAA is seriously considering banning the phones from flights. The explosive potential of the smartphone could be a ticking firebomb in the sky.

Will Samsung smartphone passengers be put on the no-fly list?

The FAA has teamed up with the TSA and major airlines to discuss the flight future of Samsung smartphones. If the ISIS terrorists like smartphones are found to be too dangerous, they will be put on the no-fly list. This will also extend to recalled batteries that may catch fire during flight. And the smartphones may be banned from checked baggage as well.

Will ISIS terrorists use this recall to their advantage? Could it be Apple terrorists destroying the competition?

Could ISIS terrorists use these exploding phones to their advantage? Probably not. The likelihood of the recalled smartphone catching fire is rather low. Agencies and officials are simply being cautious. This could have been Samsung sabotage by Apple. The other industry leader in smartphones is launching their new flagship smartphone this year as well. And sales have already been projected to be lower than normal. This is probable cause for Apple to destroy Samsung like an ISIS terrorist.