NASA Astronauts Growing Medical Marijuana on Mars

NASA Astronauts Growing Medical Marijuana on Mars NASA Astronauts will Grow Medical Marijuana on Mars Clapway

Mars soil may have a budding potential for marijuana. NASA has billions of dollars at their disposal. And they normally use it to make cool space stuff like the Mars rover. However, is the rover going to be getting stoned on the Red Planet soon? With the space agency focusing on growing certain vegetables on the Red Planet, marijuana is an obvious Martian crop choice for the coming colony. After all, marijuana is certainly popular on Earth. With many states either offering it as medicinal or completely legal, it is trending.

Mars soil good for marijuana; NASA astronauts could be first to grow the crop for the coming colony

The soil on Mars is thought to be good for growing certain crops already. In fact, NASA has done some tests in a soil very similar. In fact, they have used a desert in Peru for testing. Like Mark Watney in the movie Martian, astronauts may be growing crops on a distant planet soon.

This is essential for life, since getting to the planet takes in excess of eight months. The coming colony community will certainly need to fend for themselves. And, in the meantime, they may even be growing marijuana too. A cannabis crop could, in fact, be used for medicinal purposes on the distant planet.

10 Red Planet foods already are grown; will you need a medical marijuana card on Mars?

The self-sustainability of astronauts and the first Red Planet colony members is vital. Especially for long-term colonization efforts on Mars. Those first groups of humans on the planet will need to make it long enough to ensure that quality of life is, in fact, possible. Growing veggies and marijuana are sure-fire ways to succeed.

Ten Red Planet foods have already been grown in a soil very similar to the Martian dirt. Tomatoes, radishes, peas, spinach, quinoa, and chives are among the potential items on the menu. However, the space soil may need fertilizer. There is also a water and soil separation method important to the process. However, growing crops like marijuana is certainly possible for astronauts and future colony members to do.

Mars marijuana could be the next big trend; Does NASA have a green thumb?

NASA astronauts will figure out a way to grow marijuana across the wide areas of land on Mars. And it very well could be as trendy on the Red Planet as it is on Earth. Pot is most certainly budding in popularity. And even among states that historically hate the medicinal crop. The cannabis industry has become a booming business in the U.S. and the world.

Even states like Ohio. Ohio has been long against cannabis. However, it is seeing the potential of medical pot. The state may be the first to go from 100 percent illegal to 100 percent legal. And pot shops are also in the wake of a major makeover. Some shop owners are hiring design teams to make their pot shops look more like boutique wineries. The pot revolution is here. And space pot may be the next trend with boutique alien dispensaries lining the colony’s main street.