Rachel Platten: One of The Most Unique Performers…

Rachel Platten: One of The Most Exclusive Performers... Clapway

In 2014, the world never heard the name, Rachel Platten. Well, okay, perhaps her friends and family heard the name once or twice but her career as a musician was nothing that it is today. In 2016, Platten rose to fame with her hit single “Fight Song”. From there, it’s been a wild ride to the top winning Emmy’s and the hearts of millions along the way. At 35, it’s safe to say Platten is one of the best singers on the scene.


Instead of putting boring music videos up on YouTube like so many artists do, Rachel Platten decided to take it to the next level. For her “Better Place” music video, Platten conducted a little social experiment. To do this, she invited couples and families to just sit and look at each other while she played the song. From a hidden location, Rachel looked on to  see the reactions. The song is inspirational enough on its own but combined with this sort of intimacy, emotions took full control. People laughed, they cried and all in all, went home happy and inspired.


If that last video wasn’t enough to move you to tears and solidify Rachel Platten up there with the modern greats, then check out her greatest hits. Not everyone gets a greatest hits record you know. Sure, that rapper handing out his demo on the subway may think he is greatest hits material but he’s far from it. Real talent has a way of finding room at the top and Rachel sits there comfortable now.


One of the best qualities of Platten’s is her humble beginnings. At 35, Platten is not the typical pop-star. Britney Spears was a wreck by 35. Platten, on the other hand, came from a good family and found music rather late in life. She works with numerous charities to bring peace around the world throughout her music. Combine that amazing character with her talent, and you get one of the best singers in the country.