iPhone 7 Adaptor: Use Wired Headphone While Charging your Smartphone

iPhone 7 Adaptor: Use Wired Headphone While Charging your Smartphone Clapway

For those of you with an iPhone 7, probably the first thing you’ll notice is a lack of headphone jack. Yes, Apple thought this was a grand idea to make their device slimmer but there’s one little mistake. If the charger and headphone jack share the same lightning port, how does one listen to music while charging at the same time? Well, you don’t. That is unless you get this nifty device.

this nifty device iDock iPhone 7 headhone charger device ClapwayILDOCK CHARGES YOUR IPHONE WHILE YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC

There are countless jokes out there poking fun at the lack of a headphone jack on iPhone 7. While you can put a 3.5 mm to a lightning adapter, you can’t charge the phone at the same time. Apple didn’t think this was an issue but it is. Thankfully, there is a solution. ILDOCK is a device that has both a 3.5 headphone jack and lightning charging port. Hence, you can now listen to music and charge your phone as you’ve always intended.


Do you want one headphone jack and lightning charging port? How about two lightning ports? What about a lightning port, headphone jack, SD TF card and USB slot all in one? Where the iPhone lacks in options, the ILDOCK makes up for it. Users of this device can choose what ports they want all in one convenient location. This eliminates the need for multiple adapters that are probably the way too¬†expensive at the Apple store. Furthermore, there’s no software installed. Just plug and play away. Listen to music, charge your phone, and look at pictures all at the same time.


There are other similar products out there like the ILDOCK but many of them are awkward looking when next to the beautiful Apple-designed smartphones. ILDOCK used aircraft grade aluminum and precision CNC to create the beautiful look that will match your phone’s design. Choose from Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey. In addition, the ILDOCK is extra tough so it can withstand twice the wear and tear of a normal adapter. If the features aren’t enough to impress you, ILDOCK is light and slim. Hence, you’ll get all the benefits without even knowing you have it.

aircraft grade aluminum ILDock iPhone 7 Device by Clapway