How to Open MBOX File in Microsoft Outlook?

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Email is the basic requirement for users in the world of digital communication. There are several email client available in the market which offers different email formats. MS Outlook is also an email client which offers to their users to send/receive the email messages for communication. It has a file extension of PST file format. So now the question arises “What is MBOX file?”

MBOX is another file extension which supports the multiple email client. It is the most common file format which is used to store the email messages and attached data of different email client in it. It is supported by different email client like Apple Mail, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc. Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most usable email clients for the MBOX file format which is the free email client and easily available. It can be run on any operating system.

What is the Default MBOX File Format Location?

MBOX file is the primarily associated with Mac operating system. It is the commonly used with the Apple Mail email client which is commonly used to store the MBOX files. It is applicable on the versions of v2, v3, v4 and the above versions. To find the location of the folder, please follow the steps:

  • Open a Finder window and then open a Home Directory
  • Select the Home button in the toolbar to reach the Home Directory.
  • Open the Library and in it open the directory named “Mailboxes”.
  • By following the above steps it will open up the exact location of the directory where the Mac Mail has stored all the email messages of your respective configured account.

Use the Prominent Solution to Open the MBOX File into MS Outlook

Whenever, the user of MBOX file format wants to switch his email client from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. Then it is a big task for users that how they can transfer their email data of MBOX format into MS Outlook. Users can not get accessed directly MBOX format into MS Outlook because PST is the primary format of MS Outlook. To access the MBOX files into MS Outlook, the user must need to use a third party utility MBOX to PST Converter.

It efficiently migrates all the email messages and attachments into PST format without any error. It is the most efficient solution for users to use a converter and extract all the email messages into PST format which is easily accessible by MS Outlook. It is the advanced utility which can support the large size MBOX files. It can easily import it into MS Outlook without any error. It can also extract the multiple MBOX files at once into PST file format without any error by using the one the fine feature of Batch Mode.

It also maintains the accurate email structure of emails and attachments of MBOX files into PST format without any error. It is the fine and the safe solution for users. It allows all the user to export the multiple MBOX email messages into PST format. Then, they can easily manage it into MS Outlook. It is capable of supporting all the MBOX files created by any versions of any MBOX email client into PST format. It is also supportable to all the latest and the earlier versions of Windows. It can easily import to any outlook edition i.e. MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.