UFO Expert Dies After Vomiting Black Liquid; NASA knows…

UFO Expert Dies After Vomiting Black Liquid; NASA knows…

A renowned UFO expert is dead in Poland. The mysterious death occurred just days after he texted his mother instructions to “investigate” anything suspicious that might happen to him in the future. Furthermore, NASA remains silent on the matter.

39 Year Old UFO expert dead on the sofa; NASA guilty?

Authorities found Max Spiers, the 39-year-old father of two, dead on his Polish sofa. He was in Poland on a trip to talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs. Unfortunately, Spiers didn’t get very far and now authorities are investigating his death. According to them, the UFO expert died from “natural causes”. However, his mother says he was fit and healthy. What does NASA know about all this? Furthermore, is it guilty?

UFO Expert Knew he Was in Danger from Aliens and NASA

The most chilling aspect of this horrid event is the text message Spiers sent to his mom. The UFO expert proclaimed that he was “in trouble” and “if anything happens to me, investigate”. Days later, Spiers met his mysterious death. According to friends, Spiers liked to dig around in some dark places. Places that NASA wants to keep secret.

UFO Expert vomits black liquid; NASA needs and Explanation

Another bizarre turn of events in this tale comes to the mysterious black liquid that Spiers vomited up upon his death. For a healthy individual, not taking any weird medicine, it’s certainly odd to vomit black liquid, whatever it was. While the majority of the world will just count this as another looney conspiracy theory, others want answers. Hence, there’s a chance that a giant secret is out there. A secret so big, that the powers of the world are willing to kill for it. Apparently, we are not safe anymore. For those looking to find truth, proceed with caution.