Smart Starbucks Coffee: 5 things you didn’t know

Smart Starbucks Coffee: 5 things you didn’t know

Many people who drink Starbucks coffee think they’re smart. Well, here’s some news for you all. You’re not smart. Just merely adequate. Fear not, though, for there is a solution.

A new Kickstarter project seeks to amplify your caffeine experience using intelligent design and revolutionary technology.


GINA is the first coffee instrument that has a built-in scale and app enabling you to make the finest brew with pour-over, immersion, and cold drop. Now, you can bring Starbucks into your home. Actually, it will be even better than anything the overpriced chain produces. Let’s take a look into the magic of GINA.

Smart Starbucks Coffee: 5 things you didn’t knowSTARBUCKS COFFEE WITH A TECHNOLOGICAL TWIST

With an accurate, built-in Bluetooth scale, weighing your ingredients is all too easy. Using this tool, you can calculate the perfect ratio between, water, coffee and time. Furthermore, you can connect a smartphone with GINA using an app. Transfer and save all your brewing data so you get the same, quality product every day. No more, inconsistent Starbucks latte’s just because some teenager is mad for dropping out of film school. In addition to all this, you can use the app to see what other caffeine addicts are doing out there.


Included in the package, is a micro USB charger for the device. The strong battery lasts for up to 80 brewing hours. Hence, you have a perfectly personalized brew no matter where you go. While your coworkers are drinking that sugary, watered down mess of a cappuccino, you’ll be floating high above the world, on a fluffy caffeine cloud. Even when it’s too hot for a nice cup of joe, GINA comes with a cold drip, glass module.

We rely on caffeine every day to keep us alert and energetic. For something so important, it’s about time we start going about it the right way.