ONEmicro Speaker Delivers Better Stereo than Apple Headphones

ONEmicro Speaker Delivers Better Stereo than Apple Headphones

Bigger isn’t always better. Especially when it comes to sound. Just drive on any road long enough and you’ll eventually come across someone blasting the roof off their Honda Civic with enough speakers to power a movie theater. Is it big and loud? Definitely, but it’s strongly lacking in sound quality.

Now, the innovators at ONEaudio bring us a product to capture that big sound but in a clean and pure body so it actually sounds good. The ONEMicro is the most natural audiophile sound out there. So, say goodbye to those Apple headphones.


ONEAudio used their award-winning DECT technology to redefine wireless sound. Using the ONEMicro wireless speaker with DECT gives you more than any Bluetooth speaker or conventional wired speaker that Apple or Microsoft would give you. DECT speakers give you the effect of 3D sound space. This means it feels like the music is bouncing around inside your head. Only the DECT speaker has this technology. Upon listening to these wireless speakers, you will spoil your ears. Hence, ruining any other method of listening to music you once used.


Ordinary Bluetooth Apple speakers don’t deliver true stereo, even if they may say that. See, they work on something called a Master and Slave mechanism. The Master gets both the left and right audio from the music player while the slave only gets the right audio from the master. Technically, you’re getting both left and right but it’s not entirely even.

ONEAudio developed their ONEMicro speaker to have true stereo. One speaker takes care of the left, while the other, the right. To top it all off, these are the smallest audiophile wireless speakers around, so you can bring the glory of stereo with you anywhere.


We live in an age where customization is expected. No one likes to be told what to do and that applies to the realm of sound as well. These wireless speakers come in a variety of colors to personalize your audio experience. Furthermore, you can fill your house with music by adding on speakers. Perhaps you just want two, for personal enjoyment or more, for a house party. You can even go up from there and get full 5.1 surround sound for that massive family party coming up. There are no limits to how you can enjoy sound with these speakers and this is just the beginning. The advancement in wireless audio technology will only get better. A bright future lies ahead for audiophiles everywhere.