Top 3 Most Useful Kickstarter Projects of the Week

Top 3 Most Useful Kickstarter Projects of the Week
Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter is full of interesting and creative ideas. In this post, we decided to outline the most useful projects that truly deserve your attention. Below is the list of Top 3 Most Useful Kickstarter Projects of the Week.

1. Projection and Keyboard on Kickstarter

It’s not obvious whether this product is practical enough or not. Regardless of this, the campaign has already raised $120K over the past couple of days.

2. Beelinguapp to Help You Learn New Language

This Kickstarter Project seems to be a perfect way for anyone to learn a new language. According to the description, the application is full of Karaoke style media files that are designed to educate you in the most fun way.

3. Smart Organic Air Purifier

Not only this smart device is able to remove bad odors, deters mosquitos and flies. But it can also clean the air through its amazing filtration system. Besides it, this product is designed to collect important data on the environment in which you live.

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