How to Convert and Print EML to PDF Format in Efficient Way?

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EML to PDF Converter is the perfect utility to resolve all the queries related to the conversion of EML files to PDF format. In the corporate world, it is the most demandable and searchable query for users where they are searching the solution for “How to Convert EML to PDF Format?”. In this article, the user can easily get their efficient solution related to the conversion of EML files in PDF format. It helps the user to overcome from the complex situation and easily get the desired file result. By using the efficient solution they can easily print EML to PDF format.

It is always a big task for users to convert the email data items of one file format to another. Both EML and PDF are different file format and their functioning is also different for users. There is no direct method to convert the EML files data and save it in PDF format. So, it is always recommended to use any third-party tool to safely export the email data from EML to PDF format.

Introduction to EML and PDF

EML is the common email file format for users which is usually supported by more than 25+ email clients i.e. Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. It is primarily supported by Windows Live Mail email client to store the mail messages and can be easily opened by any text editor. The user can instantly get their Gmail, Yahoo, and other email clients data easily by just configuring the email account in Windows Live Mail. It stores their entire data in EML format. Whereas, PDF is the document file format which stores all data in it. It is so secured file format and can be easily shared the form one system to another. The user can also print the multiple copies of the PDF file which are easily supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What is the best method to Migrate EML to PDF Format?

There are two approaches are performed to migrate the data of MBOX to PDF format i.e. Manual Method and Technical method. Sometimes, the user prefers to use the manual Method for migrating their EML data in PDF format. But those users who are seeking to use the manual method, please keep in mind that the use of manual method also leads to the corruption or data loss of EML files. So, be careful while performing the file conversion of EML files into PDF format. It is always recommended to use the best method by using any third party tool. It makes all the task easier to convert and print the multiple thousands of EML files in PDF format at once.

Manual Method to Export EML to PDF Format

Users who want to use the manual method and convert their EML files in PDF file format can also use the following method:

  • Take out your MSG files from the system.
  • Select the MSG files and right-click on it and select open with MS Word.
  • Then, open the MS Word and click it on File button and select the Print button.
  • A new pop-up window opens where the user needs to save PDF file as their desired file name and store it in the system.

It will be always an issue for converting the thousands of EML files in PDF format and save it in PDF file. It will be not so easy to use the manual method and perform the migration process.

Technical Method to Print EML to PDF Format

It is the prominent solution for users by which users can easily get the perfect result and instantly get the perfect resultant PDF file. Download the best third party tool ZOOK EML to PDF Converter and get the better results. This is the best method to export multiple EML files in PDF format with their corresponding attachments. It is also capable of maintaining the email formatting of the EML files in PDF format too. Therefore, it is the safe and a secure file format by which users can easily get the perfect data results in few seconds.

Main Features of the Utility

Some of the main features of the utility are given below:

  • Bulk Conversion of EML to PDF format.
  • Easily convert the entire stored email data of EML files into PDF format with their attachments.
  • Offers selective file conversion of EML files into PDF file format.
  • Supports multiple editions of the different email clients.
  • It is a Windows supportable utility.


I hope this article will help you in the migration of EML to PDF format. It is always recommended to use the third party tool and access their data back in PDF format. It is quick and the safest solution for users. Users can try its demo version for their full satisfaction and use the entire features of the utility. After that, users can easily purchase the licensed edition to enjoy unlimited file conversions. It seems like helpful for users to get their complete email data of EML to PDF format easily in a few simple steps.