Top 5 Technology Devices that will Change The World in 2017

Top 5 Technology Devices that will Change The World in 2017 New iPhone Ball Technology Better than Soccer; Apple Fans Are Happy Clapway

It’s not easy to put up with the speeds of technological progress. The world of technology is getting more and more advanced. And to prove that we’ve come up with the list of Top 5 Technology Devices that we believe will Change The World in 2017.

1. Top 5 Technology Devices 2017: Recycling Pen

Have you ever thought of making the world a better place? Well, in 2017 you’ll be able to do just that by drawing pictures. With this new pen, it will be as easy as a piece of cake. The device is essentially a 3D printer. It turns plastic waste like empty bottles into ink you need to draw 3D images.

2. Top 5 Technology Devices: Track Taag

This technology device is everything you might need to stay informed and safe. Place the tag on your luggage and you will be informed of its location at any moment. By placing the tag on your child, you will be aware of his/her location. Besides all that, this device can work as a remote control for your phone. You can secretly record videos or call 911 in emergency situations.

3. Top 5 Technology Devices: LED Magician Cube

This high-tech gadget is designed to make you happy. Play snake in 3D dimensional reality while in the train or build “high towers” in augmented reality. This device is always there to entertain you.

4. Top 5 Technology Devices: Shoka Bell

Image if you could merge your bell, navigator device, a light and a safety accessory into one. Well, someone has done it already. And, in 2017, you will be able to buy this unique gadget. Very miniature and well-designed, the device is going to be a great addition to your bike.

5. Top 5 Technology Devices: The Wolfe

To increase the storage on your laptop you connect it to an external hard drive. To make your laptop more powerful, you connect it to The Wolfe. Turn your laptop into a mobile powerhouse by connecting it this unique piece of technology. You don’t need a desktop computer anymore.