Alien Craft Returned Back to Earth After 30 Years

Aliens UFO Alien Craft Returned Back to Earth After 30 Years

A private jet passenger filmed a mysterious diamond shaped UFO in the sky above Texas. On the below video, one can clearly see the similarities between the UFO recently captured by the airplane passenger and the Alien Craft detected in 1980 (aka The Cash-Landrum Incident).

Alien Craft From the Cash-Landrum UFO Incident

On December 29, 1980, a family of three was driving home in Texas as they stumbled upon a massive diamond-shaped object hovering above the trees. Not only the light coming from the Alien Craft was bright but a strong heat was emanating from the UFO. A group of helicopters later approached the flying object as it was getting higher in the skies. The witnesses counted 23 military helicopters chasing the mysterious Alien Object.

The Alien Aircraft is Back in Texas

It seems like the mysterious diamond-shaped UFO returned back to Texas (30 years later). This time, however, no helicopters or any other type of military vehicles were near it.

Does NASA Know About the Texas UFO?

Since no military vehicle was following the Alien craft, one may assume that the government is fully aware of the UFO activities in Texas. NASA is good at cover-ups and that makes us believe that the agency is not willing to reveal secrets anytime soon. As of right now, we can only rely on independent sources that monitor the skies with the help of modern technologies.

Could it be a Secret Project Developed by Area 51?

It’s possible that the UFO detected in Texas was one of the secret projects of Area 51. In the past, vehicles of all shapes were captured near the secret military base. Not only that but the famous Google Maps captured weird objects in the base as well.

Whether the craft detected in Texas had anything to do with aliens or not, one thing is clear. With the help of new tech, we are capable of spilling the truth out there.