Is Aluminum More Valuable Than Gold?

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What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a common chemical element. But is it more valuable than gold? At a certain point in time, it was more expensive than gold. Though Al makes up 8% of the Earth’s crust, it doesn’t occur naturally. Unlike gold and diamonds that appear on Earth in metallic form, AL needs to be mined from a mineral called bauxite. Through separation by electricity, factories make aluminum in the state we’re seeing it these days.

Why is Aluminum Better Than Gold?

AL is more valuable than gold for its versatile uses. People use it for leather tanning, fire-proofing, and even in aftershave and baking powder. Some companies use AL in a crystal form as a deodorant.

Aluminum - Clapway

Why is Aluminum Cheap?

AL has a long history when it comes to science. Brought to life by Hans Christian Oersted in 1825, this chemical element is one of the most precious metals that exist on Earth. At some point, the cost of Al was even higher that the cost of gold. People wore it as jewelry. In 1886, though, when a cheaper process was devised, the prices went down. Through electrolysis and by extracting it from bauxite, people made AL one of the most commonly used metal. As a result, its value dropped significantly by over 80%.

Will AL Become Expensive Again?

Although the properties of AL are still much more widespread than those of gold, it is possible that we will see the day again when brooches of aluminum are preferred to brooches of gold. Who knows, maybe Melania Trump will start wearing some unique earrings from AL. Or maybe Beyonce will surprise us with her new music video in which Aluminum chains will be featured on the necks and limbs of her dancers.

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