Is Uber Still The New Taxi Trend?

During my time in Canada over the past four months, I managed to fit in a fair bit of traveling. But with the fun of traveling came the downside of having to pay hefty taxi fares to and from airports, as well as around some cities.

Before my friend and I embarked on our four-day adventure to Los Angeles in November, where we had planned day trips to the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios and places like Huntington Beach, we discovered a mobile taxi company called Uber. We signed up, and because we were new to using it, we got a discount on our first ride by simply entering a code. From then on, we were hooked.

Uber - Clapway

So, how else is Uber Different from regular Rendaxis?

How expensive is Uber?

1. To start off with, the fares are cheaper in comparison to regular taxis – so just by using Uber, you’re already getting cheaper fares, which makes a big difference when you’re riding a lot of taxis to get around. Every penny saved counts!

Is Uber Convenient?

2. If a cheaper fare doesn’t already entice you into using Uber, maybe the swanky cars they use will. We probably used Uber about 10 times during our travels in LA and Toronto. Each time we were picked up in a swanky looking car where we got free bottles of water; and, if we were really lucky, free sweets as well (um, yes please!).

You Don’t Need Cash

3. With Uber, you don’t need to worry about not having enough cash on you to pay for a taxi when and where you need it. When you sign up with Uber, you input your card details into the app and then any cab you order gets billed straight to your card. So, there’s no faffing about with cash or tips! You just get in and enjoy the ride.

Uber - Clapway

Track Your Cab

4. You can also track your taxi. I can guarantee that it’s never further than about five minutes away.

How to Estimate Your Uber Fare?

5. You are also able to go on to your app on your phone or head to their website to do a quick fare estimate where you enter your pickup and drop-off locations so that you know exactly what price to expect.

How to Choose Uber Car?

6. Whilst ordering your car, you can choose from five different options that go up in price and style: UberX, Taxi, Black, SUV, and Lux. We always went with the cheapest options such as UberX, and were totally happy with the comfort it gave us.

Uber is an expanding company and at the moment it only runs in the bigger cities. But it has plans to operate in more locations worldwide soon. If you’re interested in signing up then just download the app.

Overall, I honestly couldn’t be more happy with Uber’s services. And I know my friend feels the same way. Our drivers were always on hand to help and were full of travel advice and tips. Not having to worry about paying upfront with cash made such a difference, as well, along with traveling in style in the Uber cars that made us feel a bit better about our penniless student status! Simply, a must try for anyone.