Here Is Why Bill Nye the Sexiest Science Guy

Bill Nye's sex appeal is majorly under-rated

Here Is Why Bill Nye the Sexiest Science Guy

The definition of ‘sexy scientist’ should have a picture of Bill Nye right beside it. As a kid, Bill Nye fulfilled the role of making science cool to the eight year old me, but now Bill Nye has taken on the role of scientist of my dreams. I mean he’s tall with salt and pepper hair and can make science sound interesting; basically my adult fantasy guy.

Bill Nay - Clapway

Evolution using Emojis

First of all, he summed up evolution in a 1 minute 51 second YouTube video… amazing. Secondly, any guy, scratch that, any person who can sum up evolution using text emojis deserve the title of “Sexiest Person Alive.” He used all of my favorite emojis from the twin dancing girls to the heart eyes smilie. Not only did he incorporate emojis, his overall explanation was comprehensive and informative to all viewers. Bravo Bill, bravo.

Climate Change using Emojis

Bill got after the emoji game again when he explained climate change in the same format as his evolution video. Uploading this to YouTube again, Bill showed us how interactive and easy to understand climate change is all while using our favorite emojis. This begs the question; is there anything this guy can’t do with emojis?

Here Is Why Bill Nye the Sexiest Science Guy

Dance Machine Bill Nye

Be still my beating heart. When I heard that the love of my life Bill Nye was going to be on Dancing with the Stars, I almost cried with happiness. I was going to see a gawky, tall, awkward scientist ballroom dance. And if he had made it further in the competition, maybe a hip-hop ditty. But alas, he only made it to the second week but still left us with the following beautiful robot. You’ll always be my star Bill.

90’s Bill

90s Bill is probably the most important Bill to me. My favorite part about his TV show was how he could make science and harder to learn topics interesting by explaining it in a way that kids understand. When my science teacher would throw on a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode, my friends and I would jump out of our seats and sing along to the theme song (Bill! Bill! Lala! Bill! Bill!). And every time when he said, “Science Rules” I would shake my head in agreement enthusiastically. Science does rule Bill.

Oh, Bill you’ve done so much for this world and I hope you continue to create amazing science pieces. My heart will always flutter a bit when the topic of evolution is brought up because it will forever remind me of you. And if my reasons aren’t enough to convince you just how great Bill is then you can check out information on his upcoming documentary that was funded by Kickstarter here.