13 Marketing Automation Tools That Will Get Your Demo on Track

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So you’ve got a demo out there, but you are worried about the fact that it’s not gaining as much traction as you hoped it would. This means that it’s time for you to implement some marketing tools and services, which will help out with your leads and sales. More than 60% of growing B2B companies are successful because they are using marketing automation software. This is in fact what enables them to be the best among the peers. Therefore, here is a list of marketing tools and services that you should consider implementing in order to get your demo back on track.


HubSpot is an extensive marketing software that includes an entire content management system for building your website and blog, analytics, social and SEO tools, a landing page creator and email segmentation and automation. With it, you can create campaigns and calls-to-action that help you direct traffic to where you want it to be.

In Touch

InTouch is a software that combines CRM functionality with email marketing, leads nurturing, team and project management, sales pipeline management, and survey tools. It is the perfect solution for smaller businesses that offer professional services. There are both free and a paid versions, with the free version offering an unlimited number of clients’ contacts, but can be used only by two users and is limited to 100 emails a month.


Pardot is a marketing automation software that combines email marketing, management of leads, and sales alignment. It is owned and integrated with Salesforce.com and is a great marketing automation choice for any small and middle-sized business.


Rapportive.com is a Gmail add-on that enables you to get contact information right in your inbox. You can automatically see your contact’s picture, location, job title and social media profiles. What’s best, it’s absolutely free.


Act-On is a piece of software that provides support for outbound (email marketing, management of webinars) and inbound (SEO and social media management, landing pages and forms) marketing, as well as features for automation of account-based marketing and reporting.


OpenEMM is an open source enterprise app that is web-based and is used for email and marketing automation. With it you can create and send service emails and newsletters, including date triggered emails and transaction emails. It contains a reporting function and enables you to create email templates as well.


TweetDeck is a Twitter add-on that enables you to follow up on any social activity from a single tab instead of having multiple tabs open within more than one Twitter account. You can also create private lists to help you stay ahead of what’s trending in a particular industry.

SEO Reseller

SEO Reseller is a service that is intended to help out marketing companies with link building practices. In case you hired an inbound marketing agency that doesn’t engage in such practices, SEO reseller is a great third party solution. It’s a service that grows a database of relationships and contacts new opportunities for placement, ensuring the quality beforehand.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is a piece of software that helps you create campaigns on various channels, including email, video, mobile and display search, and combining it with management and nurturing of leads and features for speeding up sales. It is a great option for large businesses.


Dotmailer is a tool for email marketing, management of campaigns, the design of landing pages, and lead nurturing and reporting. It comes with a user-friendly interface and great automation and segmentation features. It’s a great tool for beginners, but it can also perform some more advanced marketing actions. It can be integrated with Salesforce.com and similar platforms.


SalesAutopilot includes modules for email marketing automation, communication via multiple channels, customer relationship management, eCommerce, help desk services, and event-triggering. An inbuilt help module helps you out with troubleshooting.


Leadsius is a platform for marketing automation, which includes email automation, website tracking, lead analysis and landing page design. It comes with a marketing dashboard and a WP plugin.


Drip is a great and easy to use tool for smaller and middle-sized businesses. It’s a lightweight marketing automation software that isn’t as broad in functionality as some enterprise tools, but offers SMBs a simple approach and can be integrated with landing page building tools such as LeadPages, Unbounce, and Gravity Forms.

In Summation

If you implement some of these great marketing tools and services, you will be on your way to getting your demo back on track. Try them out, make use of the free ones, or get the paid versions of others if you can afford them. Join the list of companies who use these tools and are on the rise.