Bed Bugs: The Worst Bed Pest and How To Get Rid of Them

Bed Bugs: The Worst Bed Pest and How To Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs have been and are still one of the worst nightmares of every homeowner. Can you imagine that creepy crawlies sleeping with you and squeaking every night? But fortunately, there are already proven effective methods to prevent and handle home pestilence from these viruses without spraying the entire house with harmful and toxic chemicals.

Despite the usual effective sprays, repellents, and traps, these can sometimes be hazardous to you if not lethal when choked or even touched. Laying open to these preventive methods can cause eye, skin and respiratory irritation and even cause cancer when mishandled. But before we go ahead and discuss the steps on how to get rid of bed bugs, what are bed bugs, anyway?



What They Look Like – a brown or a reddish brown animal that has a flat, oval body and the same as the size of an apple seed.

Headquarters – usually, they hang out around and in the bed itself. Their small and flat body makes it easy for them to hide around the corner of the bed frames, headboards, mattresses, behind your room wallpaper and even your clothes.

Danger – this scourge does not transmit or pass through diseases. They only suck human and animal blood. Their bites cause itchiness and swelling. The person dealing with the pestilence can be both anxious and may experience insomnia.

Good thing, we have some alternative ways on how to prevent and stop bed bugs. Methods that are milder, healthier and more environment-friendly.


The real horror of bugs in the bedroom can never be understood unless you experience it. Here are a few effective steps on how to KEEP THEM OUT:

Clean up – Every virus loves a dirty environment. Clean up spills and crumbs right away every after bedroom meal.

Stay dry – Wipe any cold water sweat from a glass on your bedside table.

Heat up the textiles – all the linens (bed sheets, comforter, pillow cases, blankets, curtains, and even towels) where bugs might hide should be washed with the highest temperature available for at least thirty minutes.

Scrub the mattress – this ensures that the bed bugs in the mattress are also taken care off. It’s not enough to just wash the linens without touching the mattress. Make sure you use something like a stiff brush and a vacuum.

Decide if the mattress can still be kept – there are times when the mattress will no longer be useful due to the huge amount of bed bugs on it. If that’s the case, unfortunately, you already need to replace your bed mattress. Be careful in throwing buggy materials. Properly wrap it and label it as a material with bugs.


Most of the time, we think of our room as our own comfort zone. And it is very important that you’re comfortable in it. That’s why it is very important to clean our room every now and then. Never ignore that itchy feeling you get whenever you lay down in your bed. It might be those annoying blood-sucking bed bugs waiting to attack you.