Fossil Fuels: What Would World Look Like Without Them?

Tesla Fossil Fuels: What Would World Look Like Without Them? Clapway

The importance of fossil fuels for our world is obvious. They provide us with such facilities as electricity, heating, and transport power. At the same time, the usage of the natural resources causes potentially dangerous climate changes. The increasing popularity of eco-friendly products proves that people are concerned about planet’s future. Moreover, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has recently reminded us again that the end of fossil fuels is inevitable.

Can our world exist without fossil fuels and what would it be like? Here are some ideas to consider.

The Industrial Revolution

First, let’s imagine how the absence of fossil fuels would change our past. The Industrial revolution that started in England during the 19th century has influenced the world significantly.

The number of factories increased. Therefore, the works migrated from a countryside to London. It inspired Carl Marx to create Communist Manifesto that led to major political changes. This revolution was possible only thanks to coal and steam engine that ran factories.

If these fossil fuels were not in wide use, there would be no factories, no labor migration, and, of course, no communism. Can you imagine how that would influence the history?

The US Would Be Smaller

Furthermore, the Industrial revolution stimulated the search of raw materials and the colonization of the American continent. Without it the process would be slower and fewer people would be involved. The great number of Indians would survive and the US would just take the eastern seaboard. The depopulation of Indian cities led to reforestation and a reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This caused the opposite effect of today’s

By the way, the depopulation of Indian cities led to reforestation and a reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This caused the opposite effect of today’s global warming called the Little Ice Age.

If the Tesla’s alternatives to fossil fuels would appear earlier, who knows how world map would look like.

Less Food, Fewer People

Let’s slowly move from the past to present days. The amount food on the earth depends on nitrogen in the soil. Naturally, there is not so much of it in the Earth. That is why people use the Haber-Bosch process to add nitrogen to the soil. It demands the usage of natural gas. Without this, it would be possible to provide food only for about a half of current world population.

Apparently, there would be fewer people without fossil fuels, unless Tesla invented another way to enrich the soil.

No Air Conditioning

Also, there would be more restrictions. Coal and natural gas provide us with electricity. It gives us light and saving air conditioning during the summer heat.

Without fossil fuels, we would have to use other options to get electricity. Windmills, solar panels, probably some kind of Tesla batteries, hydroelectric plants would give far less electricity.

Under these circumstances, air conditioning would become an unreasonable luxury.

Tesla Storage Battery

On the other hand, is it that hard to live in a world without fossil fuels? The Tesla co-founder Elon Musk states that it is possible and the solution is solar energy. It sounds quite reasonable as the sun gives its power every day. What is more, it can be stored in batteries for further usage.

Musk states that a part of Spain could provide the whole Europe with power. The same could be done by Nevada for the US. He claims that the mix of solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and some nuclear energy is optimal for the world.

Future of Resources

Finally, we may try to imagine the planet’s future without fossil fuels. It seems to be very optimistic considering the Tesla’s ideas. The battery storage has huge potential. In addition, these batteries are fully recyclable. Their renewable ability is very efficient and it is likely to stop pollution. The Tesla Power Packs will make a lot of plants and factories useless.

Of course, the solar technologies only start their development. However, if we can imagine the World without fossil fuels today, it will be easier to adjust in the future.