A List Of Top 6 Best Food Websites Every Foodie Must Know!

A List Of Top 6 Best Food Websites Every Foodie Must Know!

With every passing year, foods are becoming more and more a way of life as well as a necessity. Healthy eating has taken the food world by storm. Today, you’ll find recipes and tips for controlling carbs and calories.

Additionally, life has become very fast-paced, with not much time left to peruse recipes in a cookbook.

In times like these, the Internet comes to your rescue as it has many websites that provide treasures of knowledge. Thanks to these websites and apps, you can become a pro cook on the go! You can even listen to ketogenic podcasts. For example, the Keto Diet Podcast is a good listen for keto’ers.

If you are not specifically interested in becoming a podcast expert, there are websites that can also help you learn just the basic and even a few cooking hacks so that you don’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen.

What’s more, there are websites which give you recipes, and then there are websites that are actively involved in resolving social and global issues, such as world hunger.

Here we’ve rounded up a list of food websites that can help you in the kitchen:

1. Allrecipes.com

Just Google “how to make” followed by the name of any dish, and probably the first couple of links would include one to all recipes.com. This is probably one of the first places you would find a huge variety of recipes.

The majority of the recipes are being updated, commented upon and reviewed by a humongous network of cooks from all over the world. In short, it is a social media platform for food, food, and more food and also drinks, if that counts.
Basically, All recipes are probably where the entire food blogging craze started. It was created by a group of passionate cooks who wanted to share their recipes with other lovers of cooking, as well as those who want to learn new recipes and hacks from them.

Communication is the key to everything in today’s interconnected world. At All recipes, everyone comes together and makes home-cooking the most enjoyable pastime.

2. Tastemade

After the conventional format of All recipes, a foodie or aspiring cook should head over to Tastemade, especially if they are newbies at cooking. This is because Tastemade takes recipes to a whole new level with its interactive cooking videos.

And they’re not just the run-of-the-mill cooking shows that take hours to watch. Tastemade uses stop-motion, fast forward, and upbeat tracks to keep you hooked onto a recipe and know how easy it is!

Not only is Tastemade an amazing website with thousands of recipes, it is also an excellent form of entertainment because you are learning while having fun.

Comments on the videos are also responded by the website moderators, thereby leading to gluten-free, paleo, low-carb or other healthy versions of the same recipe. You’ll find all these things in one place.

The Tastemade community comprises of over a 100 million viewers and contributors from all over the globe. Because Tastemade gives you videos from all around the world, you could discover hidden talents and tastes that you didn’t know you had.

This is particularly helpful for companies that DIY meal service to their workers. No matter if you run a team of delivery men or own an assignment writing service, these educational food videos will definitely help your employees prepare their meals without a hitch.

In addition, you’ll also get to know more about the culture of other countries and share them with your family along with the dishes you prepare.

Not to mention, you will also be able to interact with people from that specific culture, because they would be sure to comment on a video showcasing a food or meal that is unique to them.

All this works in making our world a global village, promoting peace, tolerance, and love for each other just through the passion of cooking and food!

Another attractive feature of Tastemade is its availability. The videos can be watched on any mobile device or even on smart TVs. They can also be accessed through several social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

3. Cooking Light

While many sites don’t really care if the recipe uses a whole lot of white sugar, white flour, or even masses of chocolate or salt, Cooking Light is one of the pioneers of healthy recipes.

The website is actually only one of the features under the Cooking Light brand which originally started out as a magazine, one that is still in wide circulation.

As the name suggests, Cooking Light gives you a whole palette of healthy, nutritious recipes that keep you fit and glowing. So you can now lose weight without being starved.

This website gives you the tricks you need to employ in order to make healthier and cleaner food choices in life.

A staff of nutritionists and dieticians makes sure that each Cooking Light recipe is actually healthy, fulfilling, and doesn’t cost an arm and leg to you. In addition, each recipe must follow very strict regulations for nutrition and flavor.

Every story contributed to the magazine or the website is filtered by expert physicians, nutritionists, and research specialists. Thus, you can be sure that the recipes and stories you are getting are not some quick-fix scams, but the real deal.

Coming to the recipes, they are easy to follow in order to use them for both dining in or out. It doesn’t matter if you need snacks for a picnic, or a seven-course meal for your family during the holidays, Cooking Light has got you covered.

Now you can choose a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle today and make Cooking Light a part of your life. The website makes the accessibility to information even easier by with its Facebook page and magazine subscription.

Cooking Light also features videos and every expert resource required at your fingertips.

4. Yummly

In 2010, a group of some die-hard foodies launched Yummly, a one-stop website for foodies everywhere so that they can find anything. Yummly boasts a unique search engine; you can find that kitchen tool to make your day easier, or use that ingredient that’s been lying around too long.

Yummly uses Internet technology to make things super easy and simpler for anyone who loves to cook and eat. It is the smartest and most helpful website for the most basic life skill, i.e. cooking.

To be with you when you’re on the go, Yummly has a mobile app which runs both on iOS and Android, as well as any web browser. With help of website and the app, one can easily personalize his search to their tastes or the ingredients they on hand.

Yummly also includes a semantic recipe search, digital recipes, shopping lists, and even grocery delivery for those ingredients you don’t have. The Yummly app was awarded the “Best of 2014” for Apple’s app store, beating out all other kinds of apps, which is no mean feat.

5. The Edible Schoolyard

This website’s mission is to build and share a food curriculum for all schools. It connects school students with garden and cooking programs in their country.

This would help in schools being able to buy fresh and nutritious food for better school lunches at reasonable prices. On the other hand, it also helps loyal vendors sell their goods.

6.  Ending Hunger

In addition to cooking and eating, cooks as human beings are also concerned about world hunger. This website has taken a step in the right direction by motivating their users to help prevent hunger across the globe.

Ending Hunger is mostly a visual website that showcases videos, discussions, and essays about world hunger. It also includes maps so that users would know the areas plagued by hunger.