Resolved Error : PDF Files Are Not Opening in Internet Explorer

Resolved Error : PDF Files Are Not Opening in Internet Explorer

PDF (or Portable Document Format) is a file format that contains elements of a printed document in the form of the electronic image that can be easily viewed, navigated, printed, or forwarded to someone else by you. PDF files are created with the help of Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, or comparable products. If you want a view and use the PDF files, then you must have the free Acrobat Reader, that can be easily downloaded. But due to some conflicts, you can’t open PDF  files in the Internet Explorer properly. In this blog, I had discussed the method to open PDF file into Internet Explorer normally.

Today, Web browsers provide inherent PDF viewers which permit you to open your PDF files straightforwardly in your browser, rather than using a particular device to open PDF. Every browser has its own particular settings to opens PDFs and you can simply flip with these settings to get the PDFs to open the way you need them to. This setting is ideal for individuals who don’t have a legitimate PDF reader or are encountering challenges with their Adobe readers. In case you’re attempting to find out how to open PDF files in Internet Explorer furthermore, it helps you investigate regular issues too. But before that let’s have a look at the features of PSF files.

Noteworthy Key Features of PDF Files:

  • Multiplatform:  You can view and print PDF files on virtually any platform such as  Mac OS, Windows®, and other mobile platforms like Android™, iPad, and iPhone. Along with this, PDF e-book readers, that includes Kindle Fire, Sony Reader, Bamboo, etc.
  • Highly-Accessible: PDF Files works with assistive technology that assists to make information accessible to users with disabilities. You can easily read any PDF file using free PDF reader with ease.
  • Fully-Secured: Password keeps to restrict access from any unauthorized access of PDF content, and digital signature ensures your digital identity. It helps to avoid your PDF from content copying, printing as well as page extraction. You can set an open password to restrict the access of unknown users.
  • Extensibility (Document Interchange): PDF files contain features never affects the final appearance of the document and can be used for interchanging PDF files between the applications. The involvement of metadata in the file (for examples- title, author, creation date, modification date etc.) and file identifiers (for trustable reference from one PDF document to another).

Manual Methods to Open PDF File in Internet Explorer:

Method 1: Reset Internet Explorer security settings

In the event that you arrange security settings to be excessively prohibitive, you may keep Internet Explorer from showing certain Web sites. To figure out if an issue is brought on by excessively prohibitive security settings, return to default security settings. To do this, follow these given steps:

Step 1:  Open Internet Explorer browser.

Step 2:   Click on Setting Icon -> and then Choose Internet Options.

Step 3: Click the Security tab.

Step 4: Click Reset all zones to default level-> Press on OK button.

Method 2: Run the performance troubleshooter of Internet Explorer

Step 1: Tap the ‘Windows + W’ keys on the keyboard.

Step 2:  Now, Type troubleshooter in the appeared search box-> Click on  Enter button.

Step 3:    Now, Click on view all-> Choose Internet explorer performance option.

Step 4:   Click on Next and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Final Words:

In the above blog, we have highlighted about the PDF files, its features and two different methods to open PDF file into Internet Explorer easily. Still, you can’t open PDF files, then your PDF files must be corrupted and you should go for any third-party software such as SysInfo PDF Repair tool to check and fix issues that interrupt to open PDF  files in Internet Explorer.