7 Apps That Can Keep You Productive

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Whether you are on a plane, restaurant or at work, tablet devices and phones are everywhere. Everyone seems to be doing something or the other on their portable gadgets – downloading new music, movies online, enjoying social media, to state a few.

According to the recent Philadelphia survey, 43 percent of Americans reach for their phones within 5 minutes of waking up.

The 2016 Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey establishes the claim that Americans have trouble putting down the phone as well, with 35 percent of the lot checking texts or media apps within 5 minutes of hitting the pillow at night. The trend is growing immensely due to the expanding functionality of smartphones.

We might remain entertained – or even addicted – to our tech devices but are we being productive? Thoroughly browse your tablet and compare the dangerous time-snatchers with the applications that are actually useful. If you’re one of the average Americans, your phone apps probably do nothing more than stealing precious hours from your workday.

Fixing the Problem. But how?

In order to take advantage of modern technology to increase your effectiveness in and outside the office, start by saving your phone/tablet from futility. Delete useless apps. Upon urgent necessity, you can always download them again. Next step is to create a separate folder for these 7 productivity apps that promise a fruitful outcome from your smartphone.

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 1: Track My Life

Time moves at a fast pace, waiting for no one. Ever looked at the clock, noticed its 3 pm and wondered how the hours just flew by? Track my Life, as the name suggests, promises to put your life data in order.

The app will help you figure out how you’re spending your time on an average work day. The lengthy, day-to-day, traveling intervals and all frequent locations are tracked down, setting your daily priorities for the week/month.

Price: free

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 2: Waze

This community-based traffic and navigation app are designed to bring you the latest traffic and road information; saving you countless hours while traveling by road.

According to the company, over 30 million people have downloaded the app, with an extensive information input to help fellow drivers across the region.

Alerts about accidents, road hazards, traffic jams in real time and even police activity can be received by the users. Waze promises to redirect you when there is significant congestion/blockage on your original route.

Price: free

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 3: MailTime

How many times have you missed scrolling down to the bottom of an email in order to catch up on all the details? Emailing on a smartphone or tablet can be of great convenience; however, the aforementioned unmindful glitches can possibly cost you a work contract.

MailTime aims to make your emails easy-to-read by converting them into text message format. This makes responding speedier and a much less painful process. This can also be beneficial for email marketing when you received a huge bundle of feedback and answers in return.

Price: free

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 4: Evernote

This could be your ultimate go-to app. Evernote is perfect for taking notes in class, meetings or during a call with a client. You can also keep all the important information consolidated for reference by attaching relevant articles, documents or presentations to the corresponding notes.

In order to be fully present at meetings and avoid jotting down proceedings, you can record the entire meeting or interview into your app. Evernote also has a desktop version that can be easily synced with your smartphone or tablet.

Price: Free unless you’re aiming for the premium/business version which costs $24.99 – $120

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 5: Dropbox

Dropbox can be easily combined with Evernote for both personal and business use. You can keep-safe all the current project folders and access them anytime, from anywhere, via any device.

A camera upload feature allows pictures taken with the iPhone, iPad or DSLR to be automatically uploaded to the Dropbox account that becomes available on all devices.

The application makes it very easy, especially for tech-enthusiasts, to have all the latest gadgets because all you have to do is sync your device with Dropbox and all your files will be there.

Price: free; $9.99 & up for Pro and Premium

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 6: Procasterapp

Remember the time when you almost wished for an online tool that could pull you out of your procrastination crisis? Well, that wish has been granted. Now that your habits and to-do lists have been organized, it’s necessary to have this other app that is going to prevent you from dallying around.

The app gives you the option of inputting the reason behind procrastination. For example, ‘My task is too strenuous, I must be perfect’, etc. And it will prompt you to take the next important step. Similar to minterapp’s basecamp online work/time channeling option, procrasterapp allows you to set a specific amount of time to spend on each task. You can even set rewards for yourself to keep the motivation high through the end of your work time.

Price: Free

Apps That Can Keep You Productive 7: Keeper

I’m pretty sure a lot of time is wasted trying passwords for online inventories. While planning on downloading any of the apps mentioned here, you definitely need to be on a lookout for Keeper.

As the name suggests, Keeper allows you to keep your sanity intact by working as the ‘keeping folder’ for usernames and multiple online account passwords, all with similar yet varying words or numbers.

Only after logging into the keeper site, it can add fields and can even be installed on your web browser to fill in passwords for all frequently visited websites.

Price: 9.99 a year

Admittedly, staying motivated and organized throughout an entire work week can be extremely tough. But for the days when you just can’t seem to get things rightfully productive. The 7 apps mentioned in this article will constantly remind you of your goals to get your life back on track. So wait no more and download away!

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