Smart SEO Tactics to Create Effective Meta Descriptions

Smart SEO Tactics to Create Effective Meta Descriptions 13 Marketing Automation Tools That Will Get Your Demo on Track 5 Ways Marketing Automation Helps To Achieve Sales Target 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy Clapway

If you want to uplift your business in the web world, it is vital to give your website an astonishing and pretty feel. It is actually the initial step if you are expecting some breathtaking results. In this technology-dipped environment, a business website cannot sustain only with a sweet layout. There are several associated factors that guarantee sustainable growth and expanding revenues for your brand. You have to focus on external factors as well as the internal aspects affecting the performance of a website.

It can be understood technically in terms of off-page activities that are related to the look-and-feel of the site and the on-page techniques that comprise the factors related to the page source code. For example, meta descriptions, title and keywords are few of the important terms that play a big role in deciding what ranking you hold in SERPs. They actually help the Google spiders read out the information that you have put for your website and on its basis, your site has been indexed in SERPs.

Good Ranking- An Outcome of SEO

The website’s ranking highly depends on search engine optimization strategies that comprise so many activities to affect the position your site holds in the result pages. If you follow the correct optimization techniques, it will surely impact your ranking position. The point of concern is that people will trust only those URLs that appear on the top pages of query result. Moreover, most of the visitors will not move to second or third page of the search engine.

A fine usage of meta descriptions can drastically change the position of your website in return of a search query. So, an intelligent move here is to use the best SEO Practices so that your website will rank good and drive more traffic from the deserving audiences.

Although SEO is an important factor, but you cannot only think of getting a good rank all the time. A good meta description is actually the soul of your business and interprets how you are showcasing yourself to the entire world. Likewise, a good content is the key to an engaging website that even the audiences will love to get engrossed. Without a good content, you will not stand long at the peak because quality always wins over the shortcuts and all kind of tactics.

How to Make an Effective Meta Description

It should be between 135 to 160 characters

This word limit is to make you aware that Google will only show this much content in the search results. If you exceed this limit, the extra length has been reduced. So, a fair practice is to use 135 characters.

It must contain structured content

The description must be technically rich with all the required specifications of the product. Rich snippets and price inclusion are also of much use in the above scenario.

Shall be Compatible with Content

The meta description that you have written for a specific page of your website must match the content to improve the bounce rate and create better results.

Keyword must be focused

A description is more valuable if the keyword has been used more effectively in the HTML of your page. If the search keyword can be seen in the description text, there is more probability that Google will use it and highlight it in the search results.

Description must be Unique

Each description that you put on the website must be fresh and unique with no duplicacy. With the duplicate description, Google is supposed to have less user experience and it will treat all pages equally.

So, it is a good practice to leave the description empty in case you cannot create multiple descriptions. In such case, Google will pick a snippet from the relevant page.

Focus on Value Proposition

Practically, customers are here to avail the best service that must relate to their business and they don’t have time to look out for extra irrelevant stuff. A must-follow tactic here is to articulate the specific value proposition to clearly highlight what you are going to offer on the behalf of a particular service or product, for which, you have added a description.

Use a Welcome Tone

Try not to purely promote yourself and also use some sort of inviting tone in the descriptions in order to welcome the user to enter into your place of business. This warm tone seems more engaging and decent and enables the users to know more about your products and services.

Compete with Google AdWords

Apart from organic SERP listings, Google AdWords is also holding a strong worth over the web for greater click-throughs. Here, you have to make optimum adjustments to ensure that your meta is clean, explanatory, inviting and much helpful top gain greater click-through rates.

Your Brand is also Important

Including your brand in the descriptions makes it more genuine and Google bots will put your website page over the top result pages against any search query. Thus, it is a fair practice to insert your brand name so that the readers and search engines both will be familiar with you.

Calls to Action

Another beneficial factor is to use the compelling worlds like ‘click here’ or ‘reach us to know more’. This leads to more results by generating a curiosity among the readers to know more about you.

Be Relevant and Precise

Your meta is not the right place to publicize yourself. Explain yourself but do not overdo. It should not look like an advertisement. Do it on the off page area with the articles, blog and other submissions that will showcase deliberately about you. Readers will love to spend time on your page if meta seems accurate to them.

On a Final Note

Only a pretty website is not enough to generate profits in today’s business-oriented era. You have to embed other factors as well in your site to make it complete in all respect. SEO is a pillar in the web world to gain sustainable growth in the business in terms of improved traffic, sales and revenues. It is no longer a dream to run a profitable business for even a small start up. Exploring the aforementioned points and analyzing them as per your site’s requisites is a smart medium to make the most from your brand.