How To Eat An Apple

How To Eat An Apple Apple Teamed Up with Twitter: 5 Things You Didn’t Know Clapway

I know what you’re saying to yourself, you’re asking me where I get off telling you how to eat an apple. You’re not a child. Your mommy doesn’t slice apples into thin wedges for you anymore. You’re all grown up, and you cut your own thin wedges (right in your hand, you don’t even need a cutting board), or you just bite right into the sucker. Well, call me the bus driver, because I’m taking you to school. Here are my tips on how one should eat an apple (so really it’s just the benefits of the one true way to eat an apple, but they’re tips on why you have to eat them this way after reading this article):

1. Seeds and Stems

I’m sick of seeing people—people who I know enjoy apples to the absolute marrow of their bones—toss them aside as soon as they’ve grinded out the center. They may enjoy apples, but they’re not enjoying them to their core. And I mean the actual core. The only parts of an apple that aren’t worth eating (and probably shouldn’t be eaten but what would I know) are the seeds and stem. All you people making your biconcave outlines from your once round apples, it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it’s wasteful.

2. Diet

Apples are great for the diet because they offer both insoluble and soluble fiber. The skin has the insoluble fiber covered. Behind it, the insides, the meat of the apple, this is where you find the soluble fiber, and the closer to the core, the more fiber. You’re missing out on the full nutritional benefits of an apple when you skip the center.

3. Compost Kapow!

Have you ever been walking, enjoying some adventure and eating an apple, when you decide you’re done but there’s no trash can around to dispose the remains. Now, you consider yourself a conscientious citizen of the world, and you would never just throw your apple in the street. Perhaps you have a napkin, so you try to wrap the apple up in it and stick it in your pocket, but it doesn’t really fit in the napkin or it leaks through and now you have a messy pocket. It’s a sticky situation, and those always suck! Next time you find yourself in this predicament, just eat the whole thing. No waste, no problem.