Top 4 Most Eagerly Awaited PС Games Of 2017

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There is no doubt, 2016 was a remarkable year for PC gaming and entertainment. We witnessed some of the best games of all time, especially those added to popular franchises like Dark Souls III, Gears of War 4, Civilization VI, XCom 2, and Watch Dogs 2, among others. Many new releases were also made, like Hitman, Stardew Valley, No Man’s Sky (really terrible), and The Division among others. 

Although most of these games were terrifically entertaining, a few of them were off the hook, especially No Man’s Sky. But you know what, 2016 is done and dusted, and 2017 is almost half gone. No doubt, there’s been a lot of hype about upcoming releases this year, but that has always been the case in the gaming world. However, most of us believe things will turn out as expected this year. A lot of waves have already been made and we can only expect more. So, it won’t be completely out of point to say that we are yet to see the best games of 2017. And if you are one of those still anticipating, then here is a list of the greatest picks you should look forward to, like looking for great tips on how to win 777spinslot casino


After so many years of featuring contemporary and futuristic battles, we will finally get to see Call of Duty in its real element. Everything about Call of Duty: WWII promises to be from the roots, and we can’t have it any other way. The highly anticipated game promises to be spectacular with a lot of war action. Instead of fighting future battles, players will get to fight in World War II and also get to experience some of the big moments as it happened in that time especially the famous European campaign.

Gonzo’s Quest VR

For all casino gamers, Gonzo’s Quest is definitely the slot to look out for. It is expected to be the first virtual reality casino game and has already been previewed at ICE. It is expected that Gonzo’s world will be the stage for the game. You can check out casino reviews to see more games in this fold.


Vampyr is another great thriller from Dontnod Entertainment that we are all expecting to see. After recording so many waves in their last release, Life is Strange, there is no doubt that Vampyr will be similar or even achieve more. The game is based on vampire traditions and the main character is the hypocritical Jonathan Reid.


If there is any game that is so hotly anticipated by PC gamers especially after its first release 11 years ago, it is Prey. Just like Star Wars, Prey is based in space, but with the inclusion of a hardly contested futuristic battle against aliens from a space station. Interestingly, Morgan Yu who is the main character can gain certain abilities from the aliens.

From the list, it’s obvious we are yet to see the best of 2017. Let’s just hope things turn out as expected.