Apollo Moon Landing is Totally Fake? Putin is Laughing…

Apollo Moon Landing is Totally Fake? Putin is Laughing…

For many years, people have questioned the infamous moon landing. Conspiracy theories are not rare, and recently, some new “evidence” appeared on YouTube of the apparent staging of the Apollo 17 moon landing was apparently staged.

Fake Moon Landing: Reflection ruined the credibility

YouTube user Streetcap1’s video, “Reflection in a Visor,” states that you can see the reflection of one of the astronauts’ stagehands in a helmet. The original video of the moon landing was filmed in December 1972 and has gotten a lot of attention over the years. Why has no one seen this before?

Fake Moon Landing: So, what is this reflection?

Streetcap1 points out there is a shadow of some person not wearing a space suit. He states that he sees a man with long hair wearing what looks like a regular coat, and that the reflection is on one of the astronauts’ helmets.

Fake Moon Landing: A staged Apollo 17 landing?

Comments on the video vary between amazement and disbelief. Some say that the find was amazing, while some believe it’s a conspiracy theory. These theories have surfaced ever since the first landing with Neil Armstrong in 1969. Neil Armstrong and his crew put the first footsteps on the moon. However, Apollo 17 reportedly stayed in space for two weeks before returning back to Earth. Both accomplishments are amazing and history-making, so if a conspiracy theory proved to be true, it would ruin a lot for many people.

Fake Moon Landing: What does Putin say?

It’s hard to guess what Putin would say about all this. But, like many of us, maybe he’s laughing at this conspiracy theory. Is it true or not? That’s very hard to say. There are only a few people on the planet who know the truth.

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