Top 3 Reasons Why Blockchain Open Forum is the Best Blockchain Event

No matter where you are in the world, there seems to be a new blockchain forum popping up every weekend. These 1-3 day events aim to showcase the best and brightest minds in the industry and help new startups find their way to success. But not all of these events are good ones. There are plenty of poorly organized, underattended and ill-intentioned┬áblockchain forums out there. The Blockchain Open Forum in Korea however, is not one of those. Here are three reasons why it’s the best blockchain event in the world.


The best blockchain event has the best blockchain speakers and Blockchain Open Forum is no different. Leading the helm are superstars in the industry Brock Pierce (BTC Foundation), Tim Draper (blockchain VC), and Bobby Lee (CEO BTCC). They are all titans of the market and never fail to deliver on their speeches. Of course, they are not the only speakers featured at this event.

Rounding out the rest are names like Jeff McDonald (NEM advisor) Andy Tian (CEO at Asia Innovations Group) and Emi Yoshikawa (Director, Joint Venture Partnership at Ripple). With so many great minds at one place, surely innovative progress will occur at high levels. It doesn’t stop at the event speakers though.


While many smaller, blockchain events have just a few hundred attendees, the Blockchain Open Forum seeks to bring over 3000 to their event space in Korea. Together, these members from all around the world will create a temporary ecosystem. Here, the greatest minds in the industry will learn, and grow together on topics regarding blockchain/cryptocurrency in the present day and the years to come.

Furthermore, these 3,000 attendees all come with their own exciting and innovative blockchain use cases. Using networking techniques, the various startups can take part in on-site opportunities to help their projects gain recognition and grow past their early stages of development. With 3,000 passionate and crypto-focused minds all in one place, this will truly be the best blockchain event of 2018.


Blockchain events like this one offer many great advantages. For one, it’s a fantastic place for industry experts to freely speak their mind to an engaged audience. Furthermore, it’s a fertile meeting ground for thousands of people to meet and innovate. On top of all that though, blockchain events are incredibly beneficial to new startups.

Simply having an original and creative idea is not good enough anymore. In this day in age, success counts on the connections one has. That’s why thousands of startups all stretched their budgets just for a chance to get their foot into this event. Not all were fortunate but the ones that made it in will surely find great opportunities once it concludes.

Groundbreaking projects like crypto exchange aggregator BestRate and blockchain startup accelerator Noble Ant are just of the many talented projects that will present their concept in the coming days. Not to say these projects will leave as the next Ethereum but blockchain forum’s only bring benefits to those who attend. Hence, if you’re an investor looking for the “next big thing” this is the perfect place for you to be.