Top 4 Coolest ICOs to Watch in 2018

Top 4 Coolest ICOs to Watch in 2018

While the field of ICOs is littered with inactive and/or dead startups, there are plenty of cool ICOs to watch out for in 2018. Among these ICOs, Clapway has picked 4 of the coolest ICOs to watch out for: OSA Decentralized, YouToken, Good Game, and Noble Ant.

Coolest ICOs 1: OSA DC

This is a decentralized marketplace platform that uses AI to provide supply chain solutions for retailers, manufacturers, and consumers. The token sale (early bird) is currently being offered. The current public sale is from July 21, 2018 and will last through August 21, 2018.

Coolest ICOs 2: YouToken

YouToken is a platform that allows creators to create their own token and also allows investors to invest in creator tokens. Each creator’s token price depends on his/her intelligence, which is judged by the projects under the token that succeed/fail. The pre-sale has ended and YouToken’s ICO is scheduled from September 17, 2018 to November 19, 2018.

Coolest ICOs 3: Good Game

The Good Game (GG) token is a blockchain marketplace for services inside games (in-game actions), where players can get paid to take actions inside games. This is where players can capitalize on their game skills. The GG token is being offered from July 1, 2018 through August 26, 2018.

Coolest ICOs 4: Noble Ant

Noble Ant is a blockchain accelerator that is offering its Noble Ant token, NANT, which allows retail investors to obtain access to view a Virtual Demo Day. 100,000,080 NANT tokens will be distributed during its Pre-Sale from August 5, 2018 through August 17, 2018. In addition, its ICO/Main crowd sale will have 360 rounds with 2,222,222 tokens each round, starting from September 18 and ending September 12, 2019.

These 4 ICOs are on Clapway’s list of coolest ICOs to watch out for in 2018. What are your favorites?