Global Blockchain Forum – Blockchain Forum for Movers and Shakers

Global Blockchain Forum - Blockchain Forum for Movers and Shakers

The Global Blockchain Forum event in Hyatt Regency San Francisco will take place on October 4-5, 2018. This specific event is planning to make an impact in the field of blockchain, with topics ranging from the present rules of the crypto game to blockchain + artificial intelligence. The event is going to have top-class speakers, a luxurious venue with a wonderful waterfront view, and it will be steps away from the San Francisco cable car. What more does a person need?

Global Blockchain Forum

The forum is expected to be full of successful players. Regarding speakers – we do not know the final list, but blockchain experts and enthusiasts believe that the event is going to host some big names. Will Vitalik Buterin or Richard Branson attend the party? How about Craig Steven Wright? We don’t know yet. All we can say is that the Global Blockchain Forum team has a reputation of inviting pleasantly-surprising guests. At the previous event, speakers such as John McAfee, Tim Draper, and Michael Arrington attended, which was a big success.

Blockchain Discussions

Unlike other events where you hear plain speeches by the speakers, Global Blockchain Forum is expected to bring some intriguing and even shocking features, such as battles. One idea is that there will be speakers who are pro-blockchain versus speakers who are aggressively against blockchain. Rumors are that Josh Constine, a technology journalist at TechCrunch, will be a moderator of such battles.

Social Impact

Global Blockchain Forum is outlining social changes that are currently happening and that will be happening. Leading economists will discuss social impacts of blockchain. In addition, Global Blockchain Forum is planning to open up doors to a large number of participants.

Overall, it looks like Global Blockchain Forum will be the most influential blockchain event in California this season, and it is going to be full of surprises and revelations.