Bitcoin SV Bull Run?; How High Will BSV Go

Bitcoin SV Bull Run?; How High Will BSV Go

Just a few days ago, it seemed everything was going right in the crypto world but as the Christmas bells began to ring, sings of a bear market came once again. However, there is a silver lining to this temporarily wounded market. It’s still possible to use BSV to your advantage adn come out at a profit.


ACcording to hte CoinMarketCa, Bitcoin SV registered s a 24-hour trade volume of $161 million and registered slight grwoth over the past few hours. However, it saw a big drop off at 14.87% on Christmas day. Anaylstis were predicting big things from BSV early in teh week but now some people are panic selling. But do not let this Christmas day plummet get you down. If handled correctly, you can still come out on top.

How to Use a Bear Market to Your Advantage; Buy Bitcoin SV

Surely, you’ve heard the old adage, “buy low and sell high.” Well, the same applies to this situation. Sure, the market is going down adn that means your portfolio is shrinking but don’t see that as a bad sign. See all that red as an opportunity to buy more crypto while it’s cheap. At this point we all know how volatile the crypto market is. It will go up again and will go down again. So best to prepare your portfolio for the next bull run by getting while it’s cheap and selling it at the peak.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV With No Money

If you are short on cash, don’t be alarmed. You’re far from alone. The holiday season has a way of doing that to people. At the same time, you want to capitalize on this bear market immediately. This is exactly the type of situation crypto lending platforms are great for. If you lack funds to buy more crypto, simply sign up on a crypto lending platform like YouHodler. In minutes, you’ll pass KYC, deposit some spare crypto for collateral and receive your cash loan. from there, you can turn around, buy more crypto and reap the benefits when the market swings back up. So either bear or bull, there is always opportunity if you know where to find it.