Top 3 Extremely Cool Websites That Are Similar to Reddit

Top 3 Extremely Cool Websites That Are Similar to Reddit

One of the most interesting things about Reddit is that people like to look at each other’s content. They like to know each other’s thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. And, they also like to get views. We decided to list what we think are three extremely cool websites that are similar to Reddit.

Top 3 Extremely Cool Websites That Are Similar to Reddit

1. Quora

There is no doubt that when it comes to text questions and answers, Quora has a robust selection. Many people offer their opinions and beliefs on the site. Questions on the site can be intellectually stimulating. Also, Quora allows you to see the number of views and upvotes on a response. Some professionals even like to leave comments for career-related questions. 

P.S. Just a warning that Quora had a recent data hack. About 100 million users might have had their personal data stolen. That is a lot of people. 

2. 9GAG

9GAG is a great content sharing website for someone who wants to relax and have a laugh. There are great comments, and images get points. If you are looking for something funny to make your day, this is your go-to site. This site is also great for entertaining your friends, as you all can look at the content together. 

However, just a warning that this site might be a tad too addictive for most adults. I remember spending hours scrolling through 9GAG content after work hours. I holed myself up in my bedroom to do so.

3. Imgur

Imgur is a great website for people who tire of 9GAG. The interface is very appealing. You can view interesting pictures and the comments that people leave directly below it. Similar to Reddit, this site also has some celebrities who are members. Sometimes, they post pictures of themselves. This site also allows upvotes. Also, a lot of people do leave cute pics of animals there. 

I also remember spending loads of time on Imgur. Compared to 9GAG, the pictures seem to be less on the comedic side and more on the interesting side.