Best Crypto Mining Sites; What’s Your HODL Strategy?

Best Crypto Mining Sites; What's Your HODL Strategy?

Crypto miners got some good news over the past few days as the market started to finally show signs of recovery. While it’s still too soon to be popping bottles and buying Lambos, green is a fresh color to see in this uncharacteristically cold and stable market. So while we all set around waiting for the next bull run, let’s talk about your HODL strategy and the best crypto mining sites to use.


The biggest problem with cloud mining is that investors receive minimal hashpower while the mining company has control over how much mining power it wants to give you. It’s getting harder to make a real profit with clouding which is why M-a-a-S (mining as a service) is taking off. sites Like MineBTCForProfit lets it’s users leverage a commercial mining building in Siberia with low power costs, free maintenance and above all, free hosting. Here, you actually own your ASIC mining hardware and only pay $40 per terahash. Low costs, reliability, transparency and a “turnkey bitcoin mining setup” make this a solid option for miners looking for 24-hour passive income.


What? Google is one of the best crypto mining sites? It might sound weird but it’s true. A good crypto miner needs to stay on top of all the latest industry news, research the community forums and everything in between. Google is your one-stop shop to do it all and become a crypto mining master.


By nature, YouHolder is not a mining pool or service but it is a fantastic tool that all crypto miners should use. YouHodler is a Fintech platform that focuses on crypto lending. Users can put up BTC, ETH, BSV, BCH, LTC, and XRP as collateral in exchange for a near instant, fiat/USDT loan. This allows miners to get cash for their mined crypto without having to sell it.

We all know it’s often hard for miners to keep their business afloat in a bear market so use this tool to take out a loan, pay your bills and also keep your assets intact. Then when the next bull run comes, you won’t miss out on any profits. They have a variety of unique features like industry best loan to value ratio (80%) and more withdrawal/payment options than anyone else. Upgrade your mining career and visit them today.