How to Write An Effective Copy On Social Media

How to Write An Effective Copy On Social Media

We are being overwhelmed by the number of posts that are being made on social media; that too on a daily basis. Most of the times, it leads to information overload; you keep on scrolling down looking for something interesting. You only stop when you find it. Social media houses realize this and tend to emphasize on creating more compelling content. Everybody knows that visual content is more appealing to people in today’s time. Social media platforms like Instagram feed its people what they crave the most, i.e. visually appealing content. There are different surveys and results on the effectiveness of each type of post; most of them have one point in common, empowering visual content with a strip of writing can be a pretty effective tool for any business looking to have a greater influence through social media.

Still, there are still a large number of businesses who look to attract customers more through creating a well-written post. That is the majority of businesses looking to disseminate information or attract people to their accounts on social media. Despite being such a powerful tool for passing information and onboarding new customers, businesses still make huge mistakes when it comes to writing a copy on social media. They tend to pass on too much information which turns away the customer; they also tend to talk more about themselves than trying to connect with the audience, this is also another grave error a company could make.

Writing a great copy is not that difficult if one sets their mind to it. Sure, it does take some crafting it with a bit of intelligence but you would not be able to do it you are missing out the basics. Here are a few ways one can improve on their ad copy or mistakes that should be avoided:

  1. Speak to the Audience – Ah! Can’t be overemphasized. Whenever you set down to write a social media post, keep in mind that you are talking to real people out there. Do not go on a one-off rant about how you are the best and people should immediately flock to your page; that only feels like a desperate attempt. You have to set down writing for the people; realize who your target market is and what their needs are. If that element is missing from your writing, then you will only sound like a bot.
  2. An Active Voice – You are not writing an obituary nor reporting in a newspaper. Your purpose of writing is to ‘talk to the people’. You need to use an active voice in all your writings so that people get intrigued and read what you are going to write. In the times where such an overload of information exists, you only get a few seconds to attract the attention of people; you need to be the best at every opportunity you get. 
  3. Value – You have to realize how the writing is valuable to your audience. Does it talk of any incentive? Does it promise of gains? Will it be of any value to the customer, however social or monetary those gains they may be? Many social media posts just keep on blabbering about themselves rather than trying to interest the potential consumer by providing value or incentives. It is not an easy job though, you will have to be at your very best if what you are providing is not monetary; whatever the value be, try to convey it in the best possible way.
  4. Positivity – You will have to go on and create a positive post if you want people to like it; people want to feel connected and they are attracted to positive vibes, be they from any source. You must have heard about Humans Of New York. People love new stories and experiences; you can try to write a relatable piece of opinion or share customer experience to leave a positive impression in the mind of the customer. You can share the workings of your company and the value it provides by getting a customer to share their experiences. People love a bit of relatable rather than a whole lot of generic.
  5. New and Interesting – You must know that viral contents have something in common, i.e. uniqueness. Each piece of content should be new and interesting if you want to grow your ‘followers’ organically. It is always about reinventing the wheel, coming up with something that people want to share is an art in itself. If you are able to make people share your posts, you might have hit the creative jackpot. It means you are able to create content that a huge group of people would like. That can be used to the very tilt to attract more and more people through your content.
  6. Clarity – A post should be clear and concise; this cannot be emphasized enough. Even major companies commit mistakes that cost them dearly; you will find posts with too many commas in it that eventually end up confusing the reader. It should never be like this, readers only give a glance to the post before deciding to read or not to do so. If it is too messed up to be read easily, you are likely turning away your potential customers. In case you need help, you can go to websites like ThanksForTheHelp and come up with a clear post to increase your market.
  7. Forging Your Identity – Writing about oneself is not easy on social media; you will have to create a series of posts to build and maintain your identity on an online platform. If you stand out with a unique set of posts and you are able to maintain a distinct platform; that is a tool to kill for on social media. It means that people recognize your identity and relate it with something. You can build on that to market yourself and any product organically. If you need help on how to go about it, you can take help of expert websites like TopAssignmentExperts and get a series of posts written for your account.