Is College Worth the Money?

The value of college is one of the biggest conversations in today’s political climate. As the 2020 American Presidential elections approach, some candidates on the left are trying to garner votes by suggesting that all US student loan debt be canceled.

This policy suggestion underscores a major problem for many Americans. College costs a lot of money. Unless a student can pay for school in cash, win a fortune in Canadian slot games, or make use of a combination of scholarships and grants, he or she will be saddled with five or six figures of debt following graduation.

Meanwhile, many of America’s most impressive entrepreneurs did not go to college at all. All of these factors considered, is college worth it? We will look at two different perspectives to answer that question.

College Is Not Worth It for People Who Do Not Know What They Are Doing

People who go to college simply because that is what happens after high school will likely carry loads of debt without getting much out of the experience. Liberal arts colleges are not trade schools, and many fields of study do not necessarily make it easy for someone to find a job on the other side. Students who go to college for no particular reason should seriously consider sitting it out for a year or two, if not permanently, to avoid the debt that sometimes comes with a degree.

Additionally, students who are self-starters and already highly skilled in specialized fields from their own experiences might feel that going to college will not give them any advantages that they do not already possess. In these cases, they should also avoid college.

College Is Worth It for People Who Know What It Is For

On the other hand, college can be great for people who use it to get experiences that will result in employment. Trade schools and community colleges can work well in this way, as can business schools and the like. College can also provide important social advancement opportunities, and many find the personal growth that happens at college to be invaluable.

At the end of the day, whether or not college is worth it to you depends on your finances, talents, and ambition. If you can thrive without college and the debt that sometimes comes with it, do not go. Maybe you will have more luck with online casino Canada real money (just kidding, of course). If you need college and think that a little debt will be worth the personal growth that you will experience there, it might be worth the trouble for you. No two paths to success are the same.

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