Top 3 Coronavirus Facts You Didn’t Know

If you are afraid of Coronavirus, you are not alone. The deadly virus killed thousands of innocent people and scared millions of others. In this post, we listed the top 5 facts that you, most likely, did not know about Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Fact 1: Symptoms

Coronavirus symptoms often take only five days to appear. In some cases, the process takes as long as 14 days. Thus, a 14-day quarantine seems appropriate.

Coronavirus Fact 2: People Who Are Asymptomatic Spread The Virus

Yes, what you just read is true. People who have Coronavirus can be asymptomatic, which makes the virus situation even more dangerous. Visibly healthy people can transmit the virus and make others sick.

Coronavirus Fact 3: 1% Death rate

Despite all the danger and lack of medicine, Coronavirus is believed only to kill 1% of all infected individuals.

Top 3 Coronavirus Facts You Didn't Know