Top 3 Strange Things to Do During a Pandemic

Staying at home on lockdown is a difficult thing to do. During emergencies like Coronavirus, things take an unusual twist. Now, after you sanitized your hands and ordered plenty of fresh food online, it’s time to do something unusual. Below is the list of 3 strange things that you can do during a pandemic.

1. Watch Movies About Zombies

Observe the behavior and survival techniques of fictional characters in movies. While, by most part, films are overly exaggerated, there could be a thing or two to learn.

Also, watching “zombie” movies during a pandemic will give you an unusual chill. Giving glances outside of your windows, observing empty streets while watching infected people walking and roaring on TV will never seem more realistic.

2. Practice Your Weapons Defense Skills

Even though zombies will likely not attack you during the pandemic, your neighbors may do so. Online stores like Amazon have already started running out of many food options amid the Coronavirus and the high demand for resources. If the situation gets worse, there will be no food left. And hunger turns people into beasts.

Amazon started running out of many food options

3. Learn How To Make Kombucha At Home

Nothing can lift people’s mood higher than freshly made Kombucha. Go online, find how to make this fizzy probiotic drink, and entertain yourself while waiting for “the end of the world.”