Tips to Help You Choose the Right Video Production Company

Businesses rely on different types of content to communicate to their target audience. Creating different media types is not something that anybody can do, and this is where companies such as Spiel come in to ease the load. Most companies do not have an in-house team that can handle the complexities of the video production process. Additionally, the equipment needed to develop the video is not readily available in most enterprises. If you are looking to make a video for your company, it is best to work with experts in this field to ensure that the content you get reflects the values of your business. Not all companies in this realm are ideal for your business, and you must choose the best to work with. Some of the factors that will guide you in picking the best are;

Experience and Portfolio

Not all companies that have been in the business longer are the best in the business. The video production world evolves with each wake, thanks to technological advancements. Companies that keep up with trends in the industry are the best choice to combine techniques to develop unique content. This is not to say that the number of years they have been operational is not a factor to consider. Working with companies that have been in the business for a while longer is better as they have the necessary expertise as well as the equipment necessary for shooting videos. Their portfolio will tell you all you need to know about them. Ask for links to their work and access the clientele they work with to determine if they will do justice to your video or not.

Production Quality

Knowing what to look for in a video will help you pick a company with the best video quality. Request for the company’s portfolio and watch each of the videos they avail to determine if they will meet the standard of what you want. From watching, you can tell whether the videos are low or high budget. This aspect will help you determine whether the company will meet the requirements you have for your video or not. A tip that will help you make the perfect choice other than the quality is the editing technique. For instance, when images appear in the video with a voice-over, does the picture match the sound? If it does not, then you have to reconsider using the company. The lighting and overall sound of the video should also help communicate the message you intend to pass.


Video production requires collaboration between the producing company and the client. Communication is essential in achieving the correct footage and edits in the film. From the first interaction, one can tell whether the company they are dealing with has excellent communication or not. It would be best if you ascertained that they get the idea for your video well, and this will reflect how they respond to the questions you have. Some companies have impressive portfolios, but poor communication makes it hard to work with them. The channels of communication that they have in place is another factor that you must review. This will help you get a hold of them when the systems are down or the phone is off. Other than communication over the phone or on email, it would help if you visited their offices for a face to face interaction to determine whether this is a company you want to work with or not.


Pricing is another factor that you must evaluate alongside the services rendered. The service the company provides should be worth the money you pay. It is best to check the cost of video production from different production companies in your locality. Have an idea of what you want with the video, and this will make it easier for you to discuss costs as you meet representatives from the companies you shortlist. Firms with competitive rates should be given priority over those that charge an arm and a leg. The quality they produce is a key factor that affects the overall pricing of a video. Choose a company with the technical ability to deliver the video you want at an affordable cost. Some companies charge using a daily rate, while others quote the project’s sum from pre to post-production.

Crew Size

The crew size is a factor that you should consider, and it will help you determine whether the company can deliver. However, the size of the crew does not automatically translate to production value for your video. Most production companies use skilled freelancers when they land projects as opposed to having an in-house team that increases the expenditure of the company. Some members of the crew also multi-task during pre-production and production to deliver content to clients. If you are impressed by the portfolio, you can trust the company to produce your video without worrying about the crew they will use. It is essential to ask questions regarding the people who will be working on your project to confirm whether they can deliver or not.

Pre-Production Help

Pre-production is a stage that most people overlook as they are not aware of the intricate details that go into video production. When choosing a production company, ask whether they help with script development before you hire them. Some companies do not have scriptwriters on board, and this makes it hard for the parties involved. It is best to work with a company with all the necessary departments. This is to ensure that they can give professional advice regarding your company. Also, they can offer guidance on the type of content that will speak to the target demographic. Creative direction from the video production company is necessary to ensure that they produce quality and relevant content.

The company you pick must be reliable with strict adherence to the set timelines. It is prudent to check with them repeatedly to confirm that they follow the production schedule they give you.