What You Should Know About A Balinese Cat

3. Barsik The Cat

The thought of owning a cat usually lies between their independence and aloofness. Well, most felines indeed have a distinct characteristic of showing distance from their owner. It doesn’t apply to every feline breed out there. While some cats seem standoffish, some will show how fond they are with you.

One of the breeds that are much human-like is the Balinese, also known as Long-haired Siamese. Looking out for an affectionate cat isn’t that hard, as it may not seem like, but generally, cats are as loving as this article says. However, not all of them can show it through their face that fits all expressions. That’s why if you want a giggly cat to chat with on a day-to-day basis, a Balinese cat might be for you.

What Are Balinese Cats?


The Balinese was believed to be a variation of the traditional cat breed- Siamese, which had a medium-length silky coat and a distinct feathered tail. Balinese, on the other hand, has been considered as the “long-haired” variant of the Siamese style. Hence, it has the features everyone adores in Siamese, but in a fleecier form.

Its hair has colored points and its eye has a resemblance to the sapphire-blue colored eye of its old ancestor.

Personality And Temperament

Notwithstanding a bit of difference, this breed obtains the characteristics that you might have known in Siamese, these are:

1. Intelligent And Curious

Siamese cats are originally the most intelligent among their race. Their inquisitive nature to hunt and explore happens due to curiosity.

Moreover, the modern breed, which is Balinese, of course, has obtained this trait. This breed can respond to any training better than any breeds out there, which is usually known that a cat is harder to train. But this breed makes a difference out there. Most pet-owners have seen success in their training, making them capable of doing tricks.

2. Affectionate

It is believed that Balinese are one of the most affectionate cat breeds out there. Contrary to cat stigma, they can sense emotions. They can be with you in your blue times, and they can be cuddly and will want your attention for a long time.  This cat will be a loving companion not only for you but for your whole family.

These cats are best if you want a companion in your daily life. They give so much warmth and will make you feel cherished.

3. Talkers

Most Balinese cats are recognized as talkative pets, but not as chatty as the Siamese. They will demand more of your attention, and you’ll definitely have to have time to bond and chat with them regularly. On the other hand, there’s a variation in talking in this specific type of breed when it comes to gender.

Most female cats are more emotionally attached when it comes to their pet-owner and will most likely display curiosity to explore around the four corners of your home. While male cats are quiet (not all the time, because they’re Balinese!) and are fond of human-pet interaction.

4. Playful

Balinese are one of the most active cats you may have. Living with them requires attention a lot, as you may see them climbing too in high perches and trees. They are more of a friendly feline and get along with most dogs, cats, and people. Consequently, these cats eat a lot due to their active lifestyle!


The average lifespan of the Balinese is about 18-22 years, and there have been no serious physical defects that are known to this breed. But still, it is significant to keep an eye on their health and welfare. One of which includes regular vet visits as well as proper nutrition and grooming.


Speaking of grooming, since the Balinese-breed cats have longer hair than usual cats, they need grooming at least twice a week. Just to ensure that their coat is looking at its best. You can use a stainless steel comb to brush their coat from head to tail.

You don’t have to worry as their silky coat is as smooth as anything else. Other than that, they’re great groomers. Cats can do their own grooming, but it would be best to help them at least any time of the week.